Sample English Paper on Midterm Reflection Paper




SUBJECT: Midterm Reflection Paper

A thought on nature would not be complete without a flashback of the West Virginia Botanical Garden. The best things in life are free, so they say; and definitely, Virginia garden is no exception. This garden is a home to the world’s diverse species of birds, flowers and trees.


When I write, I embark on members of society. I try to bring out a feature that is spectacular to all members of society without discriminating the young children or the elderly in society. I also intended to highlight on something that would bring about a feeling of relaxation to all my audience, far from life’s daily routines; and what is best than to tour them to the lavish serene location of Virginia garden where they would enjoy the beautiful sight of vastness variety of floral among other various leisure activities.


The story I told for my personal narrative was West Virginia Botanic Garden. I tried to do outdoor activities because I thought of engaging parents and children in an environment whereby they would meet and interact with new people, far from those they were used to. I wanted to create a forum whereby they can make new friends and exchange new ideas.


For my feature article, I imagined I was writing for family magazine. I thought this venue would be appropriate because the botanical garden is a second home to every member of the family. My primary goal was to think of an out-door activity that would include both the children and the elderly. Readers of family magazine are interested in activities they can take part in as a whole, so that they can bond as a family. To appeal for this audience, I considered the interest of the whole family.


While writing this paper, I observed a major challenge in the feature narrative. For the feature narrative, the possible challenges would be convincing families that botanical garden was the place to be, especially since it was Easter, most families knew that the garden would be over-crowded, especially now that it was festive season and the services offered were free of charge.


To improve my papers, I focused on leisure activity. My peer review partners told me to highlight on professional carriers. I ended up doing leisure activities because I wanted to unite families who are ever busy working and have no time to bond with their loved ones.