Sample English Paper on Hills like White Elephants AB

Hills like White Elephants AB

In the exposition we are presented with the experience of two characters that the author identifies as a man described as an American and a girl who they are together. The pair is described as sitting outside a train station while waiting for a next to take them to Madrid.

In rising action, the two engage in a discussion about asking for beer in the course of the wait for the train. However, the discussion takes another turn and this time round they are discussing about the hills that lie adjacent to the rail station. The girl likens the hills to white elephants due to the hugeness. They further argue on whether they should follow procedure or not to follow.

The climax in this article occurs when the conversation is halted by Jig asking them to stop talking. It says, “Would you stop please please please please please please please stop talking?”

The falling action in this article is when the man, the American enquires about the feeling of the girl. The girl later replies, after a brief smile, “I fell fine.” “There’s nothing wrong with me. I feel fine.”

The denouement in the story comes about when the couple has ordered another drink. The action is comes to an end when the author presents the American having a drink at the bar, while walking back to where the girl is and when he passes through the curtain towards the girl who according to him may be felling lonely. Its however, not described how events transverse thereafter for this couple and the rest of the passengers. And questions that still linger in our mind is whether, the couple managed to travel to Madrid and whether the indeed followed the procedure or not.