Sample English Paper on Enhancing Continuous Improvement in Firms

Enhancing Continuous Improvement in Firms


Continuous improvement is an on-going practice of addressing customer concerns and regularly making adjustments to ensure that service delivery and quality of products are aligned to customer needs. As elucidated by Bartol (2013), the process of continuous improvement requires monitoring and control. Notably, the business management process involves changes to manpower and machinery use in improving efficiency and enhancing maximize output and revenue.

The topic of this study was sourced from Management Functions (Bartol, 2013) paraphrasing the source for an audience of high school students and further explaining to them why this information is important in order to encourage them to read it will be done. Further, paraphrasing the source for an audience of college students who are just beginning to study in business management in addition to paraphrasing the source for a formal audience of experts in this field of study constitutes the scope of this study.

Audience of High School Students

Strategic Plan Development

The source elaborates that organizations that intend to achieve the highest service delivery ingrained in the best-in-breed performance for its clients should develop a strategic plan. The firms should work towards building customer goodwill. The strategic plan should be premised on training internal employees to enhance efficiency in customer relationship and handling in order for firms to realize performance objectives (Bartol, 2013).

Getting insight to developing strategic plans is critical to audience of high school students as it enables students to develop skills that are espoused in effective firm management. As such, this study encourages high school students to read this topic.

Audience of College Students

Communication Strategy

Continuous improvement is ingrained in effective communication approaches. A firm’s leadership plays a central role in ensuring effective business management.

P-O-L-C Strategy

The P-O-L-C strategy is based on incorporating planning, organizational design, firm leadership, and the control system approaches in order to realize continuous improvement of organizations. The management team of organizations should ensure client satisfaction is achieved customer feedback collection, analysis, and giving of responses in order to meet consumer demands (Bartol, 2013). Understanding of the topic by an audience of college students who are just beginning to study in business management is critical in advancing their study skills in the field of business management.

Audience of Experts

Management Reviews

Premised on the source of the study’s topic, embracing management reviews was noted crucial in enhancing continuous improvement in successful businesses. The reviews can be done through holding weekly expert management meetings. There should be formal reports aimed at quantifying performance a firm’s set standards.

Including a firm’s employee’s in decision making was also found an important strategy that an audience a formal audience of experts should be acquainted with as it crucial strategy in business management. Firms need to put in place Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as the roadmap for continuous improvement (Bartol, 2013). Notably, understanding how to conduct management reviews for a formal audience of experts will be important in value addition to developing KPIs for running successful organizations.


This study was premised on paraphrasing information obtained from Management Functions, notably, enhancing continuous improvement in firms. Embracing strategic plan, communication, and management reviews were found important strategies of imparting knowledge and skills for an audience of high school students, college students, and formal experts respectively.

However, the three paragraphs differ in complexity. The paragraph regarding an audience of high school students focused on the importance of continuous improvement and encouraged the students to read the topic. The paragraph on the audience of college students was focused on acquainting students with skills they are required to develop. On the other hand, the paragraph on the audience of experts aimed at value addition to the experts to enable them run successful organizations. It is worth noting that developing the three paragraphs to give the succinct difference in complexity was the most challenging task.


Bartol, M. (2013). Management Functions: The Pacific focus. North Ryde, N.S.W: McGraw-Hill Education.