Sample English Paper on Embryonic Stem Cell

Embryonic Stem Cell

Article Review

Embryonic stem cell research has spark lots of argument and debate from politician, religious leaders, groups and the general public. This is because the cells are derived from fetus research.  Christianity compares the destruction of the embryonic cells to abortion. In this religion the moment eggs are fertilized life begins and the embryo has the potential to fully develop into a human being. This is true and the destruction of the cells is viewed as immoral and unethical to destroy one life to save another. It is also seen as ultimately de-valuing one’s life. By allowing this research it might pave way for more scientific producers that devalue human life. Beside that more developed adult cells are being used in the research and study thus no need to use embryonic stem cells.

On the other hand, embryonic stem cells have their own advantages. The stem cell therapy has the ability to get cures and treat many chronic diseases in the world. This research can treatment help many people with heart diseases by regenerating heart tissues and also regenerating nervous system tissues which can help people with strokes and spinal cord problems to fully recover. It can also help to find a cure for cancer which affects us in one way or another by engineering them into tumor fighting cells.

Though these are good benefits to humans, it does not warrant for the continuation of the research. The research should use the embryos that are left from in-vitro fertilization that would otherwise be destroyed.  The research can also use the embryos from legal abortion to be put in use for the good of humans instead of discarding them. Even though there are other ways of acquiring the embryonic stem cells without destruction of the fetus they are not perfect and require more research. Hence the embryonic stem cell should not be used from live human potentials even though viewed as not human by some religions such as the Jewish.