Sample English Essays on Love


Love to some degree entails diverse interpretations according to different people. Love may be defined as a number of emotions and experiences that are linked with a strong feeling of affection(Maryam, Safara, and Bhatia 206). However, it is important to note that the notion of love has brought about several arguments regarding its meaning from ages. Love entails a distinct feeling of respect, adulation, and desire for a particular person or object, which ultimately transforms one to become a whole entity in form of revealing some independence on the person or the object. In psychological terms, love entails both positive and negative aspects.

Love has incorporated several meanings. For instance, romantic love, which is love between two individuals, is considered to be both intimate and sexual despite it exhibiting some differences (Diamond 116). Furthermore, there is love that exists between friends, parents, and their offspring as well as the respectful love present between a mentor and a hero. Other forms of love include passionate love for objects and the devotion to God. However, love applies to all of these forms, but they are very different. The kind of love one feels for his father is different from the kind of love the same person feels for his fiancée. This is the reason there is no single definition accepted that can define the concept of love. Several people have tried to get a clear definition of love but each individual tries to apply personal interpretation in the whole concept, therefore, making it complex to come up with an objective definition of love universally (Chapman 4). When people think about love, the initial thought that comes into their minds is the notion about romance. Being in love makes one’s heart to beat harder each time he/she thinks about the prison or object he/she loves, and this makesthe hands clammy. The feeling of love also makesindividuals to feel like falling sick since they are not sure of the way to act or say. A person in love will always long for the moment he or she talks to the other individual he loves and hope that the moment last forever. The person in love will always strive to make the other person better and put the person’s happiness before his/her own (Ben-Zeév n. p). Love entails lovingan individual the way he/she is despite the flaws. Love is also associated with strong feelings of emotions that are both good and bad, for instance, anger, frustration, jealous, lust, longing, passion, and sadness among others. This makes the feeling of being in love indescribable in as much as everyone desires to be in love.  In the psychological aspects, love is known to have dual features since it shapes an individual’s personality in two perspectives. The main one is that it conveyspleasure, harmony, and adulation for the specified object and the ecosphere around. The second perspective is that love generates a misbalance and dependence on a given individual in life as well as the world around. Therefore, love entails both strength and weakness in the consciousness of a person.

As indicated earlier, love also involves an individual inner strength. Through this assertion, it is apparent that love makes one strong through the coordination of the character or through getting continuous sources of positive emotions. This kind of love deals with individual’s self-acquisition. This aspect is significant to an individual because a person in his own is a closed system. Therefore, love as an attachment to another individual or an objects that is significant in opening the external systems and makes one complete or full. For example, an individual who begins to experience the exceptional feeling of affection, attachment, desire, adoration or respect to a given object or individual automatically becomes psychologically stable. This stability comes about as a consequence of an individual focusing on the object or person, and therefore, receiving an immense amount of affirmative emotions communicating with the object (Fraley n.p). This inducement is always significant for any kind of activity for human persons. As an individual inclines towards elongating the emotional harmony, he/she turns out to be psychologically mature enough to make certain responsible decisions needed to be with the loved object. In this regard, it is imperative that love incorporates the conscription of an individual’s psychological resources. This is main reason people who have fallen in love sometimes go ahead and do extra ordinary things they would not do in their normal or ordinary state. The treasured object offers an individual with emotionalfortification that arises from all complications.

However, on the other hand, love is also a weakness. In the emotional health of an individual, love brings about disturbance as well as reliance on the loved object. This happens when an individual begins to experience the feeling of no life without the loved object and at times goes further to determine the mood of the person. The mood of an individual depends entirely on the individual’s ability to interact with the loved object. Furthermore, an individual begins to have the feeling of fear of losing the perceived meaningful object, thereby going astray to do extraordinary things or perform unbelievable actions in the name of trying to make things perfect. One of the main weaknesses of love is the inability among people to have a happy life without the loved person or object. For example, if an individual begins to do everything aimed at pleasing the perceived loved object or person. If the amount of compromise increases each day or anything happens to the loved person, it might end up tearing the individual apart completely, thereby signifying the greatest weakness of love. The weakness is the fact that an individual can go ahead and do something that might cause humiliation or against ones stand or principles.

Love is strong, but at the same time it is a weakness with regards to all the concessions an individual undertakes. Therefore, love is not a fairy tale that has no negative impacts. It is manifested in two phases, which are positive and negative where the end of the positive phase marks the beginning of the negative phase. The fact is that love is a complicated concept to be defined since it one of the notions that will be argued often through different analysis. As the price for the good, love offers an individual with many things and also takes many things away. It can be argued that love is a universe balance that the universe has for human beings. Or perhaps, love could be assumed to be the strength of the weak as well as the weakness of the strong.










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