Sample English Essay Paper on University of Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts

It is one of the largest universities in the region and hosts students in different faculties. Approaching the premises, one notices the magnificent work of architecture in designing the buildings. The first building from the gate is the administration block erected in an environment rich with natural geographic. Most of the buildings are painted in brown color, which is used in branding the university as well as drawing a relationship between the institution and its environment. It is located in Boston city in the United States. The community surrounding the institution benefits from the services offered that include research and development in different areas such as agribusiness, finance and medicine (Waller and Pagan 56). One can spot John F. Kennedy library and museum at a distance from the institution.

Student Population and Accommodation

It has a student population of 16,755 with at least 800 academic staff. Most of the students live inside the institution premises where a good number of hostels facilitate their accommodation. Generally, students are friendly towards the visitors hence creating a friendly environment for everyone (Waller and Pagan 23).

Department in the Institution

In an effort to deliver services, the organization has established department in various schools as outlined below. They include Human Development School, the College of Liberal Arts, College of Management, Nursing and Health Sciences College, College of Mathematics and Science, School for Environment, Public and Community Service College and Education College. In addition, a dedicated support staff team enables the execution and running of the institution.

Therefore, it remains the most adorable place I have visited in my lifetime and wish to further my studies at this institution.

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