Sample English Essay Paper on Towards a Culture of Safety

Discussion Board: Towards a Culture of Safety

            This article tackles a perennial problem within American workplaces: catastrophic and fatal incidents resulting from safety problems. This is despite the fact that the rates of workplace safety-related incidences have declined over the years. Jim Loud holds that the problem beleaguering the country is systemic where organizations have not cultivated safety cultures that will ensure that employees do not suffer such fatalities. Instead, efforts have been traditionally directed at professionals with the view of tackling the symptoms of unsafe workplaces instead of investing in sustainable safety measures and practices. One issue that stood out for me in the article is the various workplace safety misconceptions which are at the core of the problem. He holds that controlling workers, low or zero cases of injuries or complying with safety guidelines do not equate to safety. He also debunks the traditionally held view that incidents minor injuries “are precursors to more serious incidents” (Loud 52). He believes that such misconceptions are based on symptomatic approaches that do not seek to tackle the problem at the organizational level. However, he holds that professionals have a critical role to play in the implementation of a system-based approach to workplace safety including through proactive strategic safety management promotion.

Response to the Article

            Jim Loud’s article is objective and well-referenced. While holding that the problem is systemic, Loud holds that professionals have a critical role to play in ensuring that workplaces are safe. By using practical examples and historical background to the development of workplace safety models, Loud ensures that his arguments are credible. His proposals for employers and employers are broad based and practical. They should form part of any strategic management plan of any organization. Therefore, I agree with his argument that sustainable safety measures can be effectively implemented at a system level through the support of professionals.

Work Cited

Loud, James. Major Risk: Moving From Symptoms to Systems Thinking. Professional Safety, October 2016. pp. 50 – 56.