Sample English Essay Paper on The Super Story

The Super Story

            In summarizing this document, the author makes a comprehensive study of global systems. This is well spelt out throughout the text. In addition, Friedman utilizes modern trends and growth in technology to demonstrate the working of the modern system. This platform ousted the old system (cold war) that ran the world. Traditionally, it was very rare to find United States entering into trade agreement with the Soviet Union. The political arm is responsible for the animosity experienced by superpowers. Thus, rivalry countries were constantly engaged in war which inhibited corporation from either side.

The new face of leadership and governance is realized through political and economic integration that takes place from time to time in different regions. These achievements have been seen through the utilization and usage of various platforms (internet, optic cable and Websites). According to Friedman, globalization goes through three balances involving super empowered individual, nation-states and global market.  To maintain high level corporation and balanced power; all parties involved need to contribute immensely towards success. However, angry super empowered individual and their activities may destroy peace if unmanned a situation that may cause severe war.

            Friedman found out that:

            The attitudes and actions of the Electronic Herd and the Supermarkets can have a huge impact on nation-states today, even to the point of triggering the downfall of governments. Who ousted Suharto in Indonesia in 1998? It wasn’t another state, it was the Supermarkets, by withdrawing their support for, and confidence in, the Indonesian economy (Friedman).

In conclusion, globalization is changing the world at a very high rate. This leaves loopholes on the part of global security as countries strive to align their systems to the modern trends.

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