Sample English Essay Paper on The Beneficial and Detrimental Effects of Technology


Technology has been advancing over time and every part of our life is related to it in one way or another. People have been blinded by the benefits they get out of technology but they never really acknowledge the negatives of it. Technology pertains every part of our communication, and as communication has been made better, relationships have been crippled to a large extend. Technology has enhanced growth of economies, cultures and living standards of people. The fact is that these benefits are a double-edged sword where some are detrimental while others are beneficial. This paper will outline and explain both positives and negatives of technology.

Positives of technology

One major benefit of technology is that it has enhanced communication. Firstly, technology has strengthened communication by making it possible to keep in touch with old friends, workmates, and anyone around the globe. Communication platforms like Facebook and email have made communication cheaper, quicker and more efficient. The modes of communication have evolved from simply texting, to direct communication from anywhere in the world thanks to video conferencing. Technology has also improved communication in other areas including the exchange of ideas through electronic media like television and internet to develop our societies. These medias have also been used by leaders during political elections to reach out to people they want to serve.

Secondly, technology has improved education and the process of learning. Comparing the education experiences where books were rare, and most individuals had to travel to centers to get an education, today there is massive information through books, audio, images, and videos available on the internet. There are also formal learning opportunities like online degree programs. Technology has also enabled forms of communication and collaboration which was unachievable in the past. For example, students in the rural US can be educated about Arctic by getting information from a group of scientists doing fieldwork their region. This information is accessed through the scientists’ blog posts, photos and can also email questions and get answers from the scientists instantaneously. Students can also share this information with other students from a different state who are following the same expedition. Teachers’ roles have also changed from directly feeding students with information standing for long hours in front of a classroom to simply being a guide as students take more responsibility on their own by gathering information from the internet. Technology has acted as a powerful tool where teachers and students can easily collaborate and work together in a more efficient way.

Technology has also played a positive impact in Business. Businesses that have invested in technology have increased their market share, profit and also overall competitiveness. Technology provides an opportunity to businesses to analyze specific data and strategies their business growth. It also provides businesses with tools to solve complex problems. Digital marketing has helped promote products and services of businesses to the global market while sitting at the comfort of your office chair or home. Nikoloski cite  that, “maintaining focus on the overall goals and mission of an organization while looking at Information Technology enables management to make appropriate investments, reduce cost and provide values” (304).

Negatives of technology

Technology has destroyed the social bonds where people could interact through direct contact in their normal daily living like in the social activities with friends and in the workplace. People are now more isolated than ever, and that social intimacy between friends and families and other members of the society is no longer there. This has contributed to social isolation that has driven many individuals to depression due to lack of attention and reliable relationships one can count on when in dire need of motivation, advice or even comfort during adversities. Today, it is not a norm for families to sit on a table together, eat dinner as they talk, but every member of a family is always engaged with a phone, watching the news or playing video games. When one is behind a computer, he or she doesn’t care what effect their communication may have on the other Person on the other side of the computer, something that could be accommodated through direct contact. Technology has presented a form of blind communication that has caused people to be more alone despite being surrounded by real friends and families that are usually ignored. As Jung state his research about Memories, Dreams and Reflection “Loneliness does not come from having no people around us, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself” (22). When technology is playing an important role as a student, parent, and employee, it becomes difficult to engage in a conversation with friends where people can share important aspects of their lives.

Technology has contributed to increased unemployment. This is because technology advancement is fast replacing human beings with machines in almost every sector of the global economy. Job assignments have shrunk, restructured or disappeared contributing to millions of workers being eliminated from the economic process. Technology is also risking a loss of about 5 million jobs by 2020 (Ford 4).The development of artificial intelligence, robots and also biotechnology can disrupt businesses to contribute to this loss. According to Rifkin predicts this phenomenon by stating in his research that , “The role of humans as the most important factor of production is bound to diminish in the same way that the role of horses in agricultural production was first diminished and then eliminated by the introduction of tractors” (22).


Technology had both negative ad positive effects, but people are quick to see the benefits without paying keen attention to how it hurts their lives and the lives of their beloved ones. Technology is inevitable, that is why it is important to manage its use to ensure it doesn’t bring a lot of harm to the society.

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