Sample English Essay Paper on Social Media and Society

Browsing through social media posts and platforms is perhaps one of the things that takes up most individuals’ time across the world. The advent of social media has not only escalated the process of making the world a global village, but has also drawn people closer. While many see social media as a platform on which a lot takes place, others see it as a bane, a tool out to rip apart the very fabric of society. Interestingly, each side of the divide can point to tangible evidence towards their claims, thus requiring an open mind in undertaking any discussion on social media.

Social media is an area of interest for many, especially young people. While some of the young have gone into extremes with social media, essentially living their lives online, moderation in its use is key. Moderate use of social media helps in making a distinction between reality and the virtual world. As a moderate user, one is able to make connections online without necessarily jeopardizing the most important connections in the real world. Moreover, moderation in the use of social media helps curb the danger of addiction to social media, which is currently a plague sweeping across many, both young and old. Especially important for moderation of social media use is protection of oneself from the feeling of underachievement, in light posts claiming “better living” of friends and relatives. It is for this reason that people should avoid the habit of believing anything they see on social media. Most of the posts of “better lives” are mostly synthetic and do not reflects the real lives of the individuals posting on social media.

In the article “Former Facebook executive: Social media is ripping society apart,” published in The Guardian online edition on 12 December 2017, Wong reports of Sean Parker, a former Facebook vice-president, whose sentiments paint a grim picture of Facebook and other social media platforms.  Sean claims that constant use of Facebook and social media in general destroys the workings of the society, exploits human vulnerability, spreads misinformation and mistruths, and the more reason he does not use social media or allow his children to use social media.

Sean raises a lot of valid concerns over the use of social media. It is given that in some instances, social media has been at the center of societal conflict and perpetration of vices including cyberbullying, identity theft, human trafficking, suicide, and low self-esteem. Others have catfished users, asking them to send money and asking for rendezvous only for the unsuspecting users to find different people or be kidnapped.

Throwing a blanket cover on the extremities of social media, however, is in itself unfair and untruthful as many have also used social media for the good of the society. Over the years, people have used social media platforms such as Facebook to connect to long lost friends and families, as well as make romantic and planktonic connections, while Skype has allowed families to reunite and communicate from different parts of the world. Today, LinkedIn acts as a meeting place for organizations and employees, through which they (organizations) recruit. More and more people find networking and employment opportunities via LinkedIn. Moreover, businesses and individual can easily connect with other individuals and customers via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, where they can showcase their talents, products and services. Essentially, the world is more connected today thanks to the wide array of social media platforms.

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