Sample English Essay Paper on Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed


Do you know anything about sheikh Zayed? Every country must have a leader who tries to improve the country and take care of the citizens who live in the country ( 1). Furthermore, he should provide all things that citizens need. Sheikh Zayed was the founder and the first president of Unit Arab Emirates and the people who live in UAE love him a lot. I will write three things about sheikh Zayed and the three things are: what he did, why people loved him and people’s feelings towards him.


Finally, sheikh Zayed was the leader and the father for citizens of United Arab Emirates. Also, sheikh Zayed did a lot of things for the citizens of UAE, for instance, he improved the country and for all things that Sheikh Zayed did the people loved him a lot. Moreover, when Sheikh Zayed passed on the citizen’s felt sad and some of them cried when they learned about his death ( 1). However, if you ask any citizen of UAE about Sheikh Zayed, he will say that he will never forget about him because of what he did for the United Arab Emirates.

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