Sample English Essay Paper on Setting Up Effective Online Learning Experiences

Setting Up Effective Online Learning Experiences


It is imperative to understand the steps that are linked with setting up operative online experience for adult learners. The reason for this is that it can be an uphill task for adult learners to changeover from the traditional learning experience to online, this therefore require that the learners are given the appropriate guides that would assist them in transition. Setting and launching an online learning environment will require focusing on some main issues that includes capturing student background and identity, clarifying leaning expectations through syllabus, giving guides on understanding assignments and grading and explaining on group discussions with other peers among others.

What steps are most essential for setting up effective online learning experiences for adult learners? Explain why you believe this.

First, communicating clear learning expectations since the adult learning are expected to work independently hence, this will guide them in accessing the right information at their own time and not entirely depend on responses from their peers or instructors. Secondly, setting up the rubrics that would guide the online learners on how to go about their assignments and how grading will be done. Third is setting the discussion questions section that should be done in more clear way. This is a critical step as it allows learners to learn from the perspectives of others through discussions.  This would also help the students practice on explaining concepts for better understanding to make them better students in the future. Student identity and background in online learning environment is also another consideration as this ensures a personalized sense of learning (Laureate Education Inc., 2012).

Why is it necessary to communicate clear expectations to online learners?

It is necessary to communicate clear expectations of the syllabus, discussion questions, rubrics since such students do most work independently. Clear expectations would make it possible for them to access information that they may need. It is asserted that when the guidelines and expectations are clear there would be a greater understanding and satisfaction from an online course (Boettcher and Conrad, 2010).

What additional considerations should the instructor take into account when setting up an online learning experience, especially one that targets adult learning?

Additional considerations for adult learning includes; provision of ready support to the learners whenever needed. Another consideration is the provision of technical support as most of them find it difficult to navigate the online learning systems.


In conclusion, setting and launching effective online learning environment to adult learners is a successful leaning venture. Overall, online learning can be a very successful venture for adults. It is equally important to ensure that learners can effectively communicate with their peers and instructors through online learning platform. It is therefore up to the facilitators or designers of this platform of learning to ensure that the learning expectations are clear and to make learning more flexible to assist adult learners to improve their learning experience.


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