Sample English Essay Paper on Sales Accounts Changes

From: Karen

Date: 05 August, 2018

To: Saban

RE: Sales Accounts Changes

D2D salesforce is a team that works to give clients the best deals on industrial equipment’s using skilled salespersons to deliver best services to clients. As a team, salespeople offer their specialized skills to new and existing accounts to enhance the overall growth of the company. We esteem our salespeople and strive to offer fair opportunities to all in regard to account allocation and take note of every effort made towards revenue accumulation.

As a measure to enhance the salesforce performance, the salespeople are shuffled from one account to another through time to enhance the productivity of the company. You have worked with the same clients for three years and are an excellent salesperson as evident from your accounts. Therefore, to enhance salesforce performance you have been assigned to a new account which we hope you will offer your skills towards its growth. This is in line with team building efforts and promoting evenhandedness within the company where each salesperson gets to work with accounts at different levels of development.

Given your experience and the relationship you have founded with the clients, we hope you will appreciate a commission based on incremental sales with your new accounts. This will be of equal benefit to you, the client and the company. We hereby provide the necessary information on new account and believe that you will be able to develop a good relationship with the new client.

We will be having a having new salespersons orientation next week and we will appreciate your input as a highly performing salesman. Thank you for your cooperation regarding this matter.



D2D Regional Manager