Sample English Essay Paper on Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage Hotel

Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton hotel, Rancho Mirage in California is considered one of the best quality luxury resorts situated in Palm Springs. It is considered a stylish retreat facility with both snow capped and palm trees mountain views, which provide delightful visuals. The guest rooms’ amenities are some of the intrinsic features that make this resort luxurious. It has the capability of accommodating 120 guests because it has a capacity of 244 guests. Many rooms in this resort have private balconies that give the guests a personal view of their own choice. They have 42 and 19-inch LCD flat television high density screens (The Ritz-Carlton, 2015). The 19-inch television screens are custom designed and give the guests a bathroom vanity.

            The Ritz-Carlton hotel Rancho Mirage has unlimited wireless internet access with very high speeds of connectivity. As such, guests can access internet services with comfort. The rooms have air conditioning controls and individual heating that enables guests to set the kind of temperatures they need (The Ritz-Carlton, 2015). Furthermore, the rooms have oversized bathrooms and refrigerators with spacious writing desks. The oversized bathrooms have glass-enclosed showers with deep soaking tubs and posh bathrobes, giving the guests a luxurious treat. The resort also has fifteen treatment rooms for each individual. These rooms give guests nail and hair salon services.

            This lavish hotel provides perfect and sightseeing views for guests. They have mountain top views that enable a person to see the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley (The Ritz-Carlton, 2015). It also provides views that reflect the desert surrounding of the hotel, such as wood, stone, and fire. Other captivating sightseeing views are Joshua Tree Park, Living Desert Museum, and Aerial Tramway of the Palm Springs. As such, the Ritz-Carlton hotel Rancho Mirage provides an elegant adventurous sight views with prolific guest rooms.


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