Sample English Essay Paper on Rhetorical and Source Analysis

Iona Craig’s article on ‘Death in Al Ghayil’ is a peace that shows excellent writing skills as shown by the various rhetorical aspects. He presents a report on what happened when the American Seals invaded Al Ghayil on the orders of the President Trump. The rhetorical strategies make this article appealing to the reader. For instance, the article starts with a narration of what actually happened, the gunfight, the killings and the cries of the children and women. This is the correct use of pathos because the reader’s emotions are aroused. The narration creates the picture of destruction of the village, with many animals killed on the process, something that evokes anger.

The rhetorical component also comes from the ethical appeals. The article has excerpts of the narration from the young children making description of the events that took place when the Americans raided their villages. A 5-year old child explains how the mother fell by bullets from the helicopters. Such description put into question the ethical components of the raid. The writer creates a scenario that questions the ethics behind killing innocent civilians. The articles goes further to discuss some of the reasoning (logos or logical appeals) when he researches on some of the intelligence gathering that approved the raid. In effect, the articles question the reasoning behind raiding a village and killing civilians and animals.

The writer has chosen an emotionally charged diction in order to create make the reader develop a sense of reality on what really happened during the raid. Moreover, the writer uses a photo of some of the victims standing at the scene of the raid in order to show the extent of destruction. In terms of research, he seems to have conducted interviews within the military ranks in order to find out the information on the raid. However, his bias towards Trump’s Administration is obvious. According to him, Trump seems to be the real problem when it comes to the failures of that day. Nevertheless, the article puts into use rhetorical aspects of writing.