Sample English Essay Paper on Response to “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food”

            The majority of food companies are mainly interested in maximizing their earnings, which is the main reason that they do not disclose the adverse impacts of the products they sell. An article cited by Graff and Dust in the book, “They Say”/”I Say” is among the texts that provide informative description of adverse effects of junk food. The article entitled “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food” is written by Michael Moss. One of the major observations by the author is that junk foods are addictive because they create a feeling of great satisfaction that makes the consumers yearn for more.

            Although the junk foods bring about satisfaction and people enjoy consuming them, there are adverse impacts associated with the foods, such as a rise in the rate of obesity and chronic illnesses in the society (Graff and Dust 480). The high cost of medication, together with the decrease in productivity of the unhealthy population is among the reasons that justify the production of healthy foods by the companies.

            The demand for healthier foods has led to a reduction in the quantity of junk foods sold to the consumers. In the article, Moss states that the number of food companies committed to selling healthier foods to the clients is increasing by the days (Graff and Dust 484). Additionally, the firms make healthier foods highly convenient to encourage their consumption. One notable aspect about the article is that the author fails to recognize the contribution of food science in encouraging healthier lifestyles in the society by consuming less junk food.

What do you think- how can food science be applied to discourage the high consumption of junk food? Is it possible to end the addition that consumers have to junk food?

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