Sample English Essay Paper on Racial and Economic inequality

Racial and Economic inequality

            A critical review of the two articles indicates a similarity of the authors’ opinions concerning the income inequality, racial discrimination and social development of the society.  The economic welfare of a nation is indicated by the wage gap between the poor and the wealthy and between minority and majority races in the United States. Both articles show concern that the inequality rates are increasing as the years go by compared to the situation decades ago. Although the African Americans are better off today compared to the economic situation during the colonial time, they are still poor. The gap between the middle class and the poor among the race is widening by the days instead of decreasing. 

            Paul Krugman suggests that the wage gap among the poor and the wealthy over a period of 40 years has risen. Henry Gates argues about the income inequality in the country from the perspective of racism. The African Americans state of economic welfare has been lower than the whites since the colonial times but the gap has reduced. Henry seems to believe that the social development of the African Americans has increased since the colonial times, while that of the whites has remained the same.  Krugman’s opinions about social development of the country are based on the whole population. He assumes that the citizens are treated the same way, regardless of their race. The best way to analyze the economic inequality in the country is by combining the arguments by the two authors. One can conclusively state that the income distribution among the wealthy and the poor in the nation has widened while that between the races has lessened.