Sample English Essay Paper on Perceptions on Technology

Perceptions on Technology

Rapid development is technology has brought much disparity in the way various persons live their lives. In this prospect, the urge of use of technology which differs from one generation to the next has a substantial effect on the way in which they use the technology. The younger generation is deemed to use the technology in a much different way than the older generation. To the younger generation, technology is one thing that they cannot do without while to the older generation, technology is a hindrance to the peaceful coexistence. In this paper a distinction is brought on board on the various advents of the use of technology among the elderly and the younger people. The distinction is geared towards unveiling the advantages and the disadvantages of technology with respect to making the world a better place to live. The paper explains my personal experiences on the different perceptions that me and my grandfather has about the use of technology and how differently if affects our lives (Postman, 3).

In the current context of discussion, it comes out clearly that my social life has been substantially affected by the use of my Smartphone. The taking of the photos and positing on the various social sites makes the order of the day. Additionally, a huge percentage of my social life is spent on getting busy on the social media platform. The technological advancement that comes with the age provides greater opportunities for spending more time browsing and trying to complete the social circle by the use of the mobile technology (Postman, 2).  A sharp contrast is drawn on the way in which my grandfather spends their social life. With him, the most interesting bit of socialization is when he meets with friends and has a get-together. As at now he does not embrace much of the technology but is keen to acknowledge the new developments in the technology.

The technophobia that is evident in the older generation is deemed to be quite intriguing since it hinders them from enjoy the fancy things like taking a photo and uploading it to the internet. Their fundamental belief of actual socializing is very important to them. In this stance, they do not much embrace the virtual socializing but instead tend to lean on adventure and a free world which has minimal control of the technology. The only way in which they Smartphone technology is through calling and texting. Beyond these activities, they tend to ignore since it gives them the impression of not only moving away from the culture but also an impediment to enjoying a better social life without automations brought out by the technological advancements (Postman, 2). To the younger generation, the advent of technology has made it possible for various things like formation of a group and sharing ideas to be quite easier. The moral development of my friends takes the shape of what they get from the social media platform since they spend more time in these sites than with their families. This has made it possible for them to face various issues in a bolder manner than before when they were being controlled by their parents (Postman, 5).

On the same account of the use of the communication gadgets, my grandfather still clings on the notion of making more interactions through the verbal communication where there is face to face conversation where the parties communicating have to be physically present. The perception is coined from the culture that in the ancient world, it feels very proper, moral and quite substantial for people to meet and talk one on one in order to promote high level of harmony where one would share their feelings and opinions while they gathered physically and their facial expression and some sense of touch is exhibited. They feel that the sense of touch and feeling being scrapped away by the inception of technology which proves to be quite destructive to the moral standards and beliefs of the older generation (Postman, 3). To the fraternity of our age, the use of technology has brought more of our friends who are far from quite near. They may be far but through the technology like video calling in the Smartphone, we are able to reach them and talk to them one on one even though they’re not physically present.  The globalization of information that the technology has brought on board gives us the avenue to listen to our fellow friends who are abroad in real times and share our feelings with them. This has the transcending effect of making sure that there are the growth larger social ties which binds us together as a family.

In a nutshell, the inception of technological advancement has brought much good and bad as well. To the elderly generation, it has made people to lose the sense of touch and physical affection among each while to the younger generation, it is a tool which allows for profound connection which does not only cuts across the geographical barriers but also helps in gaining more friends to socialize with.

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