Sample English Essay Paper on Obesity in Children

Obesity in Children

Obesity is a real concern for children all across the world. Latest statistics indicate that about 17% of children are obese. Obesity is a condition related to having excessive body fats, which in children refers that their body mass index is over the 95th percentiles. Therefore, it is important to try and prevent incidences of childhood obesity in the community and all over the world.

Benefits of Nutrition and Physical activity

As obesity is a result of consumption of excess calories while participating in less physical activities. In some children, hormones and genetics make them more susceptible to being obese. Therefore, creating a different lifestyle for the children will probably combat childhood obesity in the community. A child’s nutritional intake is determined by the parent’s adjustment behaviors. Parents need to reduce or eliminate foods with high amount of sugars and high fats. These kinds of foods should be replaced by whole-grain items, plenty of vegetable and fruits. Parents should provide monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to their children, for they are considered beneficial and easy to digest. Parents should also check the food portion of their children. A well-balanced food portion at home or restaurants prevents excessive intake of certain nutrients that contribute to obesity.

Lack of proper exercise in children leads to accumulation of high sugars and calories. The increased calories and sugar act as a danger to acquiring obesity. Kids lack proper exercise because most of them are glued on televisions and playing video games. Parents should limit the amount of time their children play video games and watch televisions to enable them to engage in physical exercise. A moderate daily activity is rationed to one-hour activity. Such an activity may include jumping, swimming, running or even swinging or let the kids participate in their favorite sports.


Parents or caregivers are more indulged in a kid’s life during growth. It’s therefore crucial for them to monitor a child’s daily activity and provide a proper and healthy lifestyle for development. A case where parents spoil their children by giving them foods rich in sugars as gifts should cease. This destroys the child’s health more than it builds on the relationship.