Sample English Essay Paper on Narrative


My journey to learning how to read and write in English was not smooth. I can still remember the myriads of punishments I had to go through both at home and at school before learning the language. My parents, particularly my dad was very concerned with my illiteracy level, and they were forced to shift me from one elementary school to another.

I can say that my time at St Louis School helped me a lot in learning how to read and write in English. To get admission to the school, I had to sit for an interview where I had to type the words ‘daddy’ and ‘mummy’ on a computer. As a young child, I had not used a computer or any related gadget before, and I can recall the challenges I had to go through. Everything did not go well with the interview, but I was given an opportunity to redo it the week after. I spent that weekend pestering my elder brother to allow me access his computer, a request to which gave in and took me through the steps of typing English words on the computer. I can hardly disagree that this helped me learn how to read and write in English.

A week later, I passed a digital literacy interview and was admitted to grade 4. I learnt later that I was among the poorest in the English class, and my I parents agreed to address this by organizing private English lessons for me. Every evening, my teacher of English would pass by our house to take me through the basics of the English language. She read out words in English that I was to repeat after her. Once I knew how to read out several English words, she dictated the same words and directed me to write them in my notebook. I enjoyed the time I spent in learning how to read and write in English, and I have never regretted having gone through such a hard time.