Sample English Essay Paper on Marijuana: An Argument For Legalization

Revised Draft

In most communities, consumption of marijuana is considered a vice due to its associated long-term effects on the human brain. However, it has been proven that marijuana has medicinal values such as treating insomnia. Most importantly, modern governments have realized that the fight against marijuana is getting economically unsustainable. This implies that communities will be obliged to its controlled production and regulated use as a means of limiting huge government spending on fighting a drug that could have economic benefits to a given country. The legalization of marijuana should be implemented as a means of improving its medicinal value in the health sector as well as promoting economic stability in a country.

The fight against the consumption of marijuana is an expensive government affair as noted by Sember “spending millions of dollars each year in eliminating the consumption of this plant” (2016, p. 473)”. Economists would argue that this spending is huge enough to establish other local and international investments aimed at improving the financial status of a country. Consumption of marijuana has been traditionally perceived as a vice in most communities yet it has medicinal value to the human body. This fight is getting wide in scope as those who peddle the drug hike their price values on the product due to crackdowns. This, in turn, increases the crime rate in which addicts find new ways of funding consumption of the drug.

The economic value of marijuana would be realized if governments capitalized on its potential health benefits. In Canada and several states in the US have enforced legislation that legalizes marijuana whose production is strictly controlled and tight regulations on its consumption. Pharmacists are tasked with ensuring that the product is sold to the right age category and in regulated amounts as a means of curbing its misuse. If other countries would implement such economic frameworks, then marijuana would be instrumental in promoting health standards and improving the economy of a given country.


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