Sample English Essay Paper on Literacy Narrative

My memory of learning and taking an interest in literature dates back to my adolescence. This was back in junior high where I could be considered one of the most unpopular kids at school. My escape would be the calm environment of the school library with the guidance of the school librarian who had taken a keen interest in introducing interested students to literature. As I grew up back at home, I would try to read and write on anything that I could lay my hands on and it soon became a habit and a friend since I never had any. I would walk around with a stack of books from the library and this made me even more unpopular.

Nancy Drew played a key role in my literary interest since her investigative novels would keep me busy when there was little to do. I would wait for all her series to come out and keenly follow her investigative tactics and the way she captured her audience. I would get so engaged in reading and sometimes lose tract of time. English being my favorite subject, my essays were always complete on time and I always looked forward to the classes because of my teacher. My first English teacher in junior high made the subject interesting and unpredictable leaving interested students deprived for more. She would characterize any form of literature that the class was going through thus making the class a lively environment even for people who otherwise never enjoyed literature previously. She noticed my interest in reading due to the obvious books that I walked around with and also the fact that I always volunteered to read passages in class.

My interest in reading soon bore the need to write pieces of my own aside from the essays and compositions written in class. This led to keeping a journal and capturing events of the day whether interesting or not then later sit at home trying to piece everything together and come up with something captivating at the end of the week.  I kept practicing on my own for a while before I finally went to show my teacher the pieces I had worked on and get her reviews. It turned out that I had a difficulty in staying focused on a thesis and also thinking too much in an effort to write a complicated and fascinating piece that could be better than Nancy Drew’s. She explained to me that writers have to start somewhere and follow a certain order to help their readers keep up and understand their story. This simply means that my ideas were all over the place.

With the guidance of the teacher, I was able to get rid of some of the mistakes in my writing even though the thesis arrangement seems to be a problem once in a while. I could however take pride in being one of the best writers in my junior high graduation class after participating in number of essay writing contests. My comprehension of text has improved largely and I believe I can do better if I learn to clearly explain my thesis and gather thoughts. As I graduated into higher levels of learning, I would say I have come a long way when it comes to writing though my reading is perfect. There is always room for improvement and I plan to work towards that for better literally pieces.

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