Sample English Essay Paper on Lessons with Grandma Sarah

Lessons with Grandma Sarah

My grandmother, Sarah, is probably the most knowledgeable person I have known since my childhood. Whenever our schoolteacher asked us to learn about our heritage, I would call over the phone so that she could explain things I wanted to know. It was a good way of keeping in touch with her at the moment. However, with time, the need to learn about my heritage or other things that required her explanation declined, and we lost touch for a long time. Owing to our busy schedule, we would only go to visit her on major holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, where all members of the family dedicated their time to celebrate with each other. In 2005, during the Thanksgiving Day, I had to leave my family behind and went alone to see my grandmother and reunite with other relatives from the extended family. In my laptop, I had a video recording of my parents and siblings sending their greetings to my grandmother and the rest of the family members who would show up for the event.

Upon arrival, my grandmother was upset that my parents could not come, but when I showed her the video, she was more excited, and she felt like they had a real communication. “You know there are many things I don’t know to do like operating my phone to make a video record like this one”. She said. “Before you leave tomorrow, please show me how it is done so that I can record some stirring occasions I encounter and which I feel I would love to share with you when you come visiting.” She added. “Sure grandma, I will teach you that and many other tricks to use on your phone.” I said smiling as I gave her a loving pat on her back before leaving to greet other visitors. Later that day, I intensely thought about that issue of teaching my grandmother how to do basic things like making a video record using her phone. I realized that it was very unfair for us to assume that grandma Sarah knew all stuff like everybody else. When I was young, I would run to her for information about my heritage, about the history of the world as well as any other information I needed to know. When I was older, and I knew many things especially those based on the new technology, I did nothing to teach her things she did not know.

The next morning, Grandma Sarah asked that I help her make a video record so that she would document the Thanksgiving event. She was very excited as I explained the steps to her and as she made her very first video recording, she would scream; “Everyone come! Say something to Sarah, I am recording a video!” She was jubilant and would talk throughout the recording process, which also made that moment memorable since her voice overrode all others. When it was all done, everybody wanted a copy of it because it was hilarious having her voice in the background throughout the video. Seeing how happy she was to have learnt something new, I decided to stay longer and teach her several things including connecting via Skype. She was thrilled to get to communicate with her children and grandchildren on Skype from my laptop.  By the time I was leaving, Grandma Sarah had known how to make videos using her phone and talk to others via Skype.

Two weeks later, when I called her, she thanked me so much for taking my time to connect her to the modern world. I felt her emotions as she explained how she had made incredible videos that she intended to send to me, and I was so moved by her words. I asked her what other progress she had made with the laptop I left for her and she said; “Oh my dear, you forgot to teach me how to boot it and I didn’t want to bother you. I am waiting for your next visit so that you can teach me how to operate a computer.” At such, I was ashamed for ignoring the fact that she did not know the basics of operating a computer. I decided to travel back as soon as I could to address her desire to learn. So far, I have taught my grandma how to send emails, how to watch movies online, how to take, edit, and send photos, and how to chat online, among many other technology-supported operations. I have made it a routine to ask her what she needs to learn every time we are chatting online, and she laughs at how behind she was when we are conversing on Skype. Last night, she shared her Dubs collection videos she has been making for the last few days with the Dubsmash app, just to thank me for exposing her to new knowledge. I smiled while watching them and I felt I have lightened her world the way she once did mine when I was young.