Sample English Essay Paper on LEADERSHIP

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Personality is an inherent individual behavior that defines his characteristics. This behavior may be modified by both natural and artificial phenomena experienced by a person. A positive personality is acceptable to people and leads to good behavior, unlike a negative personality that leads to hatred. Scientists argue that personality can be inherited but can be modified through interacting with people. Factors that affect personality vary from; attitudes, personal memories, habits, education, skills and social relationship. Leadership is the ability of an individual to guide a group or an organization towards achieving objectives. It entails setting goals and communicating them to others so that teamwork can be enhanced. A leader should be able to understand his team members, motivate them and show them the direction towards goal attainment (Michael 2015). A person should be of positive personality to make a good leader; this is because leadership is challenging and must persevere many problems for better performance. A leader should embrace extroversion and conscientiousness to enable proper relationship among subordinates, supervisors and other members of the high hierarchy. Goal attainment is only achievable through fostering teamwork across all classes of the organization. Other personality traits needed for proper leadership is kindness, being robust and courageous to address problems when they arise (Michael 2015, p.18). Humbleness and boldness improves the ability of a leader to listen before deciding.

Both Bill Gates and Mary Kay Ash are successful entrepreneurs who have built their business empires from scratch. Both acts as leaders in various capacities of their companies. They have a common attribute of determination, optimism and goal focus. Bill Gates is more of a task-oriented leader, unlike Mary Kay Ash who is relation-oriented. Bill ensures that he is in total control of what happens in Microsoft while Mary builds strong management teams who manage the company on her behalf. The two leaders have worked hard to monitor the situation of their businesses through setting clear goals, communicating them and supporting the subordinates (Shackleton 2016). History has significantly influenced the personality of two leaders. The reason why Bill Gates is so much task oriented arises from the fact that he started his business alone while Mary Kay Ash was supported by family members both financially and psychologically. Running a Technology Company Bill Gates is rather autocratic and directive leader. Mary is quite flexible in management and embraces democracy.

According to Metcalf (2014, p.36) although money is not the only motivator for employees, it plays a big role in ensuring good performance. It is the only motivation factor a person can exchange for personal need both basic and luxurious. Holding basic need attainment constant, there are other big employee motivators apart from money. An employee will be pleased to handle challenging and exciting work which builds his professional knowledge and the ability to solve problems. He will love an organization set up where both the top management and subordinates are honest. An employee would like recognition and reward for hard work. Being able to control his job and being held accountable for what happens in his job. The extent to which money will motivate an employee is through enabling effectiveness as it can be used through a broad spectrum of the organization. Money has broad options since it can be used to provide bonuses, cash rewards, gifts and commissions to employees. Money is far reaching compared to other forms of motivation as it appeals to all demographics group ranging from educated employees and casual laborers. It is the only source of motivation that can be measured in factual values. 

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