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Islamic Center of Lawrence


Established in 1962 under the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the Islamic Center of Lawrence (ICL) is a place for Islamic Sunday school located in the state of Kansas. The demographics of ICL are diverse based on age, ethnicity, and gender which entail the youths, young adults, and the aged. The center is near the KU campus enhancing with a ration between learners and permanent occupants being 65% to 35% thereby, enhancing students’ safety. Freedom of association during worship is allowed in the center; however, numerous individuals decide to worship separately due to personal choice and cultural inclination. The ethnic diversity comprises of Arabian, Indian, Asian, African, and the Caucasian (Islamic Center of Lawrence, 2018). Registration for the new apprentices is opened throughout the semester but parents are advised to enroll their kids at the start of the semester for maximum benefits. The center has two sections for male and female scholars with the study hours being Sunday’s between 10.30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Kids from KG to level 4 study in the ladies unit which has female tutors whereas, learners from grade 5 are taught in the male section with male instructors. Students are educated using a similar curriculum with the center’s population per semester averaging 70 apprentices. The school boasts of 20 male and female teachers that are competent in providing quality Islamic studies and Arabic languages.

Sunday school Curriculum

The primary aim of the Sunday school curriculum is to enhance the Islamic background among the Islamic kids and help them have an in-depth knowledge of finding Allah. The curriculum comprises the Holy Quran, Islamic studies, and the Arabic languages course.

Holy Quran Course

The course is based on three levels ranging from the beginner to advanced level which entails students in grade 5 and above. In this unit, learners are taught how to accurately recite and read without difficulty the Quran (Islamic Center of Lawrence, 2018). Teachers are competent in enabling children to understand the Quran and help them attain their objectives. Furthermore, students are equipped with the Islamic teachings that allow them to live a decent life based on the Quran values.

Islamic Studies Course

Learners in this section are introduced to a range of primary and most essential teachings of the Islam religion. The course covers an array of topics that are considered important for a typical Muslim and which has a significant positive impact on the Muslim lives. For instance, apprentices are taken through the life of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and his major values. Moreover, they are also introduced on how to perform and prepare for a Salat (prayers). Issues regarding Tawheed and faith are also presented and this is important in building kids that adhere to the Islamic teachings and morals (Islamic Center of Lawrence, 2018). The course elaborates on the magnificence of knowing Allah and seeking him in all aspects of our lives. Students are exposed to the pillars of Iman and what it entails to have great faith in Allah and the prophet Muhammad messages. Notably, the course aims at establishing a Muslim identity among the kids through the diverse methods that prophet Ibrahim used to worship and pursue Allah.

Arabic Language Course

In this section, students are taught how to write and read the Arabic language. Some of the basic include learning the traditional Arabic language to help the kids read the Quran.


For all your inquiries, please call the school secretary of education between 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


1917 Naismith Dr.

Lawrence, KS 66046




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