Sample English Essay Paper on How the curation assignment has influenced my approach to research and writing

How the curation assignment has influenced my approach to research and writing

One of the characteristics of university learning is that it gives proper attention in the manner in which knowledge has been developed as time goes by, through research, debate and discourse. In this learning mode, participants engage with the established texts of their discipline. In this way, fresh ideas are developed and new knowledge is made. This is the work that professional academics are undertaking every day. This powerful relationship between practice and theory is one of the most exciting and beneficial elements of academic enquiry.

At some stage in our early life especially by the age of five years, our learning life changes and becomes absorbed into the national education system. In this new environment we may discover for the first time that there are other ways of doing what we have been doing all our lives, and sometimes it may seem that the way we like to learn doesn’t always meet with the approval of the teachers who now have responsibility for us. Our assumption of learning as a largely self directed and self managed process is taken from us.

This can happen when we read writers who have travelled similar journeys, developed similar values and beliefs, struggled with similar experiences and who share similar hopes and visions. But there are other writers who have different experiences, perspectives and cherished ideas. We can be helped to think about something perhaps for the first time, or reconsider a long held belief. From the privacy of the page we can be offered the opportunity to correct a misconception, modify a belief or change an aspect of practice.

Over the past decades, a great many changes in professional education and training have taken place. Long gone is the assumption that you can prepare for a complex and continuously changing career in one initial course of training. Learning has become a vital component in professional effectiveness and we all have to be learners if the professions we belong to are to succeed in meeting the considerable challenges ahead. Many individuals have an adversity with the word critical due to it nature of reminding them how unfair it is for one to be criticized and more significantly when it is done with no basis.

Being academic means delving into what is known in the field of our interest and trying to understand it. They outline how their own programme is similar or different, explain the methods they used to generate information and the results those methods produced. They then analyze those results, placing them against other research, trying to establish what they mean.

These can be divided into two: resources I already have, and resources I will need to acquire. Once you have a learning contract it is worth extending it into an action plan. For each learning intention declared in your contract, list the activities, or action steps you will need to take in order to achieve the goal.

One of the main reasons for failure in any learning ambition is because we make our actions goals too large and too general. In a field rich with deep theories and complex practice, this would not always be possible. Ignorance tends to have negative associations for many of us, yet it is a powerful driving force for learning. Studying at master’s level enables us to learn effective ways of organizing our curiosity and planning how to manage our specific and individual lines of enquiry.