Sample English Essay Paper on Globalization the Super-Story

Globalization the Super-Story

This article is influential and talks about globalization from different perspectives. In defining the term, Friedman outlines that globalization has offered and connected the world into a small global village. This is where individuals can communicate, transact, and collaborate through internet and integration to influence the activities of the state hence replacing the cold war.

There are a number of things I remember from this reading as outlined below. These include; the three balances of power that controls the world. First, superpower countries have been narrowed down to only having one country that is the United States. This infers that the world economy is built along the key financial sectors established by the superpower. Second, we have the global and nation-states markets that host a huge number of investors.  This market may agree or disagree on some issues. However, there were instances where controversies emerge in the market. One of such incidences includes the construction of supermarkets (financial centers) and electronic herd (investors) which is connected together through electronic means.  The activities hitherto are deemed to have a significant influence on global market that depends on investor’s availability.

Third, is the balance between nation states and super empowered individuals. The balancing equation differs between countries based on their economic strength. The war or row that exists between powered states and super-powered individuals who may be tempted to use the available global market to destroy peace is on the rise. One example given is about Osama bin laden. However, the author failed to outline the forces behind Bin Laden’s powers. Governments and other organs may have contributed to this, considering the fact that Afghanistan was not allied to United States during and after the attack.