Sample English Essay Paper on Evaluation of a Website- Sur Restaurant

Evaluation of a Website- Sur Restaurant

The features on the website of Sur Restaurant have been designed to convey a message to potential customers without much effort. Various rhetorical strategies have been used to show that the restaurant provides a luxurious place for dining to its clients. The restaurants website depicts it as offering friendly, attentive and sumptuous meals to its customers and patrons. The place has souvenirs which originate from diverse cultures and also allows request for a full dinner experience. The good artistic expressions that appear on the website show that the place is great and affluent. The designers of the site have used various rhetorical strategies like pathos, logos and ethos to convey their message to potential customers. This essay looks at the various rhetorical strategies used by the designers of Sur restaurant website.

The website has images, a logo, theme, mission and many other features that have been well-designed to convey various messages, for instance, cost of meals. The designers have used pictures and other features that are attractive to communicate and covey a strong message much easier than only words would have done. The restaurant website has a menu which includes many types of food which are healthy and add value to their clients. We also have options of paying for rooms in advance so as to avoid the last minute rush. The menu of the restaurant that has been put on the website and thus customers can just check options on the menu and place orders. “The restaurant provides foods like New York cheesecake, key lime pie, white chocolate, chicken, shrimp dumplings, vanilla flan, sweet pea soup, sea urchin, chard and striped bass, shrimp cocktails, fried goat cheese ball, smoked salmon, fried calamari, couscous salad, porcini mushroom ravioli among many others” (“Sur Restaurant” n.pag).

Ethos, the designer of the website, has used various images so as to establish credibility with the target audience who are mainly potential customers. Those who visit the site for the first time are attracted by the great artistic expressions of the designer. The strategies that have been used to establish credibility include customer reviews, images of the restaurants interior and exterior design, images of meals offered. Potential clients can just feel the comfort and ambience atmosphere by looking at the images. The place is decorated with antiques and artifacts which are attractive from the customer comments that appear on the website. The wordings and images are aesthetically pleasing to the audience and this also plays a role in getting potential customers. The wordings that have been used are striking and show some form of persuasion. The strategies that are used by the company seem to be successful because it keeps attracting more and more customers. The ease movement, interactivity and quality of the images make them pleasing to look at and thus catch the eye of potential customers and make them want to know more about the restaurant. The pictures used are those that are directly taken from the place and this makes them designer to be able to establish his/her credibility.

Sur Restaurant - West Hollywood, CA, United States. Cocktails or Elixir!
Sur Restaurant - West Hollywood, CA, United States. Roasted filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and spinach. Delicious!!

Customer reviews on the website have also been used by the designers to establish credibility, for instance, “the goat cheese balls were so good, and I was little disappointed there were only three because they were so good”. The comments of the customer on the website appear to be persuasive and striking to those who may visit the website. The customers who have visited the restaurant have the credibility to talk about it because they have direct experience of the comfort of the restaurant. By the fact that the customers have visited and enjoyed services in the place, then their opinions are credible. The designers of the websites have left a section where customers can place their reviews on the website. The comments are crucial because they communicate to other potential clients the real setting of the place. The costs of the various foods that are offered in the place are affordable as it appears on the website. The website provides prices for various foods that are offered in the restaurant. Potential clients do not need much effort to know the costs of various commodities because they simply shown on the website. The designer of the website has not only communicated the affordability of the place but has also given evidence by giving the prices of different foods at the place.

Logos, the designers of the website also have employed logic in designing it. Information from other sources in support of the restaurant, for instance, positive customer comments has been put on a certain section. The website is easy to use because of its layout which allows the user to look at different things at a time. A user cans easily access all the information that is found in the place by simply navigating through the website. The navigation system has been kept at a constant place and this makes even those with basic computer skills able to navigate the website.  The attractive colors that have been used on the website catch the eye of the internet user and make him/her want to know more about the website. The picture below shows the comfort that clients are likely to enjoy when they visit the place.

Sur Restaurant - West Hollywood, CA, United States. Dinner Al fresco

The image above has been used to communicate the good environment and the comfort that potential customers are likely to enjoy when they visit the place. The restaurants website shows the services that are offered which are varied as it is evidenced from the images. The place attracts many people who book rooms for Seminars, conferences and meetings as shown on their website.

Pathos, the website also appeals to the feelings of clients by using various techniques. They can feel the comfort of the place just by looking at the features that are on the website. The ambience surrounding is depicted by the pictures that have been placed on the website. The sumptuous meals of the restaurant can be felt by potential customers just by looking at pictures of foods that are clearly seen on the website. The emotion felt by the audience who are potential customers makes them convinced that restaurant is the best in town.

Strategies used convey messages in a simple way to visitors, for instance, images have been used to show the comfort of the place with the meals that are offered to target customers. The strategies seem to be successful in attracting customers as seen in the customers’ reviews that are found on the website. The gorgeous antiques and artifacts as seen on the website is just one of the strategies that have been used to advertise. The designer of the website has communicated the message with ease by using various rhetorical strategies.

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