Sample English Essay Paper on Ethics Issue in Self-driving Car

Ethics Issue in Self-driving Car

Self-driving vehicles are already being used today and although they will ultimately be safer and cleaner than the manual cars, they cannot entirely avoid accidents. One of the ethical issues raised by self-driving automobiles is the issue concerning liability. Complex systems naturally have faults and bugs and these cars are not invulnerable to software malfunction. The ethical question that arises relating to liability is assigning responsibility when a self-driving car crashes. Since self-driving vehicles are becoming more prevalent, a system of accountability should be instituted. If the software misconstrues a worn down indication, does the blame fall on the transportation department for badly maintained signage or the manufacturer of the software?

Another issue is whether the society will be better off as a whole with these kinds of vehicles. At a general level, self-driving vehicles seem to build an atmosphere where humanity is better off as a whole. Designers of self-driving vehicle have the aim of saving millions of lives by getting rid of car related accidents in America and ultimately the World. The main objective and end result of less car related deaths would be acknowledged in both a Deontological and Utilitarian framework since the aim is saving lives and the outcome is the eradication of car accidents. Nonetheless, these theoretical frameworks could differ in their agreement at a lower stage of assessment. While considering the difference between a self-driving car and a manual car, humans will have a virtuous intent of evading the crash even if the accident is not avoided. At this point, Utilitarian would still support the computer-operated car since the car will likely out-perform the driver in avoiding the accident. Conversely, a Deontologist may struggle with the notion of a computer having a “good will” when acting to thwart the crash. When a vehicle must decide whether to kill a pedestrian or the driver will the act be with good intention or merely a process implemented and subjectively carried out.