Sample English Essay Paper on English Course Portfolio

The development of content and the integration of the different content from multiple resources to be summarized as one article was the greatest challenge I faced while starting to write this essay. My initial approach to the development of the essay was to use a holistic approach to develop the essay and use the different perspectives to the issue to ensure that there is continuity of information and flow of relevant information. This approach offered me the chances to evaluate the different content from all three essays and determine the information that was necessary to be added to the current summation. However, going through the three essays, it became hard to determine the specific contents that have to be integrated in the essay and the ones to be eliminated. At the same time, the number of content to be integrated into the essay was also a huge limit and challenge to ensuring all the relevant information was integrated.

In order to address these challenges, I had to develop a draft for each of the essays to understand more about the information being presented by each. In the draft, the information needed for the development of the final essay were highlighted and pre-marked to distinguish in terms of priority. Each of the content was also compared to the topics of the three essays being analyzed to ensure that the right information was integrated in the development of the essays. The experience was a learning moment in understanding the different aspects of research and data analysis and ways through which the different methods of analysis such as sampling and categorization of information can be applied. In the future, the writing of a draft will form the initial part of analyzing a research or article. This will provide a guide to be considered in determining the path to take in terms of ensuring that the rights information is included in an essay and the necessary content also given priority.

While writing the essay, I got to learn about the use of standard approaches of research necessary in maintaining content and quality of material when writing an essay. The development of a summary from three different essays allowed me to identify links between the three essays and even establish a theme that is applicable to each of the three. This approach will form the last part of an essay in the future. It will be used in evaluating the way an essay is developed to ensure that the content is arranged in a standard manner and the content also reflects on the topic and theme of the essay.

The ultimate approach to the essay was to develop a draft that offered me the guidelines to use in the research, write the essay from the draft developed, before analyzing the content to ensure all the information is included. This differs from my initial vision as it offers me a chance to go over the information, determine the areas of concern for the development of the essay, and adoption of the necessary data to ensure quality in the final essay. According to McCusker and Gunaydin (539), the adoption of a holistic approach to research enables a researcher to ensure that the content integrated was as expected and necessary. These differences offer a new perspective to the development of an essay and in ensuring that the right approach is followed in attaining expected outcomes. The draft is used to define the content to be developed and then used in defining the expected content that should be integrated in the essay.

Throughout the semester, I have learned about effective research and the elements that contribute to an effective research. The new experience has helped build my skills in conducting research, developing an analysis, and the development of a conclusion. Both the qualitative and quantitative research concepts I have applied in the evaluation of research content, which helped prove the hypothesis of a research. Going forth, these skills will become part of my learning experience. Constantly using them in the development of research will help me increase the quality of my research and enhance the presentation of information.

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