Sample English Essay Paper on Distorted Use of Social Media Platforms

Technology has transformed human life in ways that have developed social, political, and economic development. However, technology has also resulted in different vices that mar the basic social virtues of different communities. Nevertheless, this discussion aims at evaluating the distorted use of social media platforms using a persuasive argument. Distorted use of social media platforms has resulted in the decay of moral values in communication, photo sharing, as well as public mobilization during political events.

Communication describes a process in which a message is transferred from a sender to a receiver using different channels. Social media, in this case, is used to convey messages – in the form of text and graphics – from one user to another using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This technology invention or innovation has promoted human life from all angles. For instance, WhatsApp enables its users to communicate in a real-time environment irrespective of geographical locations. Similarly, Facebook has promoted communication among its users by integrating textual information with graphics as a means of making information sending an interesting and enticing activity.

 It is unfortunate that modern users of social media platforms have gone against basic principles of communication. For instance, communication is important in providing data and information, which promotes decision making in all contexts. However, modern users of social media platforms are taking advantage of such communication channels to pursue selfish interests such as political power. Organized crimes are also arranged using these platforms, and this results in the loss of lives and property.

Social media platforms have also transformed communication in modern times by supporting different file formats to send across the internet. This is to acknowledge that social media sites such as Instagram are creating numerous jobs through marketing services. However, it is unfortunate that even messages – in graphical format – are being used for ill-practices in most communities. For instance, photo-sharing features of social media platforms promote sharing of explicit content to sensitive environments with underage children. Additionally, cases of abduction and terrorist acts have been enhanced by social media platforms, which provide surveillance intelligence during criminal activities. Essentially, the growth of pornography in online platforms has largely been influenced by social media platforms with image sharing functionalities.

From a different angle, it is also important to recognize the influence of social media platforms in mobilizing a group of individuals in a community. The mobilization purpose of social media platforms ensures that political and social development is achieved in a given society. However, it is disturbing that the same platforms have been used maliciously on grounds of political mobilization for support during elections. For instance, it is alleged that Facebook negatively influenced the United States General Elections of 2016 as false propaganda was used to rally political support for the Republican Party.

As realized in the above evaluation, it is evident that social media platforms are being used in ways that were not predetermined during their invention. For instance, unprofessional fashion designs – in social media platforms – spread from one audience to another very rapidly making it difficult to curb the vice. Therefore, users of social media platforms are encouraged to adopt ethical principles when socializing across online platforms. Nevertheless, it should be noted that communication has made the world a global village through instant messaging and sharing of photos.