Sample English Essay Paper on Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essay

Many of the small towns and cities can be very rowdy or sometimes quiet depending on what the area is known for, and the projects that are connected into these towns. Both Billing and Whistler are small cities with a number of similar aspects, yet different in many ways. Billing is in Montana in the United States and Whistler is in BC Canada.

Billing is very far from the big crowded cities, such as Denver CO, unlike the city of Whistler which is only 90 kilometers from the big city of Vancouver BC. Both cities have similar weather conditions despite their distance from major crowded cities. Both cities are hot during the summer and cold during winter, with tons of snow. Whereas the snow in Whistler acts as an attraction zone for many tourists as well as residents of the town who often like to ski beside many other winter activities, the one in Billing does not attract residents and tourists for skiing. Both Billing and Whistler are very beautiful towns in nature.

Moreover, while the town of Whistler seems to team with wildlife, the town of Billing does not. This can be explained by the fact that in the Northern part of Whistler town, one can spot some bears and deers easily as compared to the town of Billing. This implies that the town of Whistler is a more tourist city than a resident city, such as Billing. Many of the projects in Whistler are devoted as well as directed towards tourism, which range from bars and restaurants to big hotels and shopping malls in the area. This is not the same case in Billing city as many of its projects are only directed towards residential areas. In addition, considered as a resident city, many of the activities as well as services in Billing are regarded to be more of a routine.

The town of Whistler is also mostly known as a golf city, and has a driving range as well as three champions. This means that it is a popular sports area. However, golf activities are limited in Billing. In terms of camping places, Whistler has few places while in Billing there are many places that can be used for camping purposes. In addition, the City of Whistler sprawls out around a valley, which is the heart of Whistler’s ultimate experience.

In terms of economic growth, Billing city continues to experience the largest growth rate and many parts of the city are experiencing a higher growth. This is because Billing has been trying to avoid the economic downturn, which affected most of the nation during 2008-2012. The city also tries hard to avoid housing bust. Despite the high level of attraction and skiing in Whistler, its economic growth rate is very low when compared to that of Billing due a number of factors, including governance and managerial elements. Furthermore, as compared to Whistler, Billing is considered having the largest trade areas in the whole of the United States. The city of Billing is also one of the retail destinations for much the same area in America. However, with more hotels accommodations in the area, Whistler hosts a number of conventions, sporting events, rallies, as well as concerts. Thus, the two cities as seen above have a number of differences and similarities.