Sample English Essay Paper on Brains Encounter Brains

Brains Encounter Brains

A tale is told of two friends

With love upon themselves they would fend

Over mountains and valleys they would search

For a morsel for the stomachs even birds on a perch

This was the hare and the hyena

For friendship sees no fault in manner

Long faded are their differences in stature

Accommodating are their hearts as a pitcher

And days went by with no cracks on the unlikely bond

So much as an alliance of drought and a pond

As traditionally the sun scorches the water

The only salvation brought by the rains’ patter

Weren’t their children so lovely?

The talk of the village never so secretly

Envious the lion would wonder

“What an unlikely miracle” he’d ponder

And came the giraffe and his wife

Wanting to unravel the secret of such a life

For in their house there was always a fight

So many times had missus taken a flight

“What say you of your secret?”

“Never once have seen you picket”

Both laughing and the hare answered

“We do, just that we don’t wave a placard”

“And so must you not wash your dirty linen”

“In public full of these dirty heathen”

Yet in his trickery the hare had a plan

For the wealth they all had won

Came the day his turn to graze

An opportunity to execute his maze

Down to the relatives he drove the herd

Weary he came back home wailing to be heard

Fast came his friend with concern and compassion

Never had this happened thus summoning his attention

“Come fast and see the ground swallowing our herd”

“In a battle I’ve been, strangling the mud”

Fast ran the hyena to the scene of crime

Indeed were the here’s tails wailing in mime

Quick with all might he pulled on one

With a thud he fell with a tail and none

None of the herd came from the ground

Nothing but tails and flesh close to a pound

Gone was their wealth in a flash was this fate?

Or was it a trickery reputed with the mate

As days went by sadly came a drought

Within the hyena still deeply sat a doubt

Of the fate of the flock he worked so hard to make

What do them of the hunger than their own flesh to bake?

First would be the here’s grandmother turned into a meal

Then the hyena’s for he needed time to heal

For a loss so great actions needed no haste

A double tragedy, his friend thought, would be worse than a paste

And so hare brought meat with a claim on it

His grandmother finally gone they would enjoy her meat

And so they celebrated for soon gone was the hunger

Yet deep inside hyena boiled with anger

He’d finally got wind of his friend’s transgressions

It was time for payback and so he set his plan on motion

To a party they were invited so claimed the limper

But they need gifts he cried with a whimper

And so in a bundle he took here’s children

For the feast he had planned with his brethren

Yet with one eye hare had slept

Knowing how much hyena had wept

And swiftly he had changed the bundle against his own

Taking the hyena’s and giving them the crown

“Brains encounter brains” the hyena said

“Fools carry themselves” hare replied

And into the boiling pot he damped the bundle

Only to hear wails never to rekindle

And in a run broke the hare

In the greatest escape losing not a single hair