Sample English Essay Paper on Bordo (“The Globalization of Eating Disorders”)

Bordo (“The Globalization of Eating Disorders”)

In her article “The Globalization of Eating disorders”, Susan Tordo tackles a number of issues concerning the way individuals are falling prey of chunk food which pose a great risk to their health wellbeing and the increasing reliance to these foods by the American population. In her article Tordo states that the society has gone a notch further to make it norm that these foods are important for our health underestimating the dangers of overreliance on them.

            The first scenario she presents of an obese girl who looks at herself in the mirror n doesn’t like what she sees gives us an insight of how bad these chunk foods are harming our bodies. She further makes it clear that the problems faced today with regard to healthy eating do not normally rise from the racial and family status but rather as a result of the gender differences with the female gender portraying the greatest dominance.

A deeper look into Tordo’s article a clear message is evident that is directed to the Western countries who are so much into spreading or rather globalizing the issue of chunk food while nothing is done to deal with the side effects that will come along due to overdependence on them. A greater impact is anticipated if the globalization succeeds while preventive measures are implemented. She cites an example of American programs that agitate for training for so as to be slim and beautiful while in Africa that is done not as a preventive or health improvement mechanism but rather an emulation of the western cultures.

Child obesity is so prevalent in Asian countries today while the Asian society prided itself with deep cultural practices that nobody could imagine that they could easily be assimilated by the western world. This has led to a new concern for individuals as physiologists are devising methods of handling the body with different publications headlining on mechanisms of improving the human body.  

Though Bordo subject is important, the fact that she is handling globalization and more specifically on how chunk food is a risk to the health of individuals of all corners of the world, makes it seem as she has a negative view of chunk food and yet the producers have found an opportunity that earns them a living. I would recommend her to dwell more the health benefits of the vital foods that the body needs for growth.

An approach specifying if the chunk foods are indeed balanced according to the basic food components such as vitamins carbohydrates and proteins would be of much help. This would give her a proper basis on either dismissing or supporting the foods regardless of the health disorders that come about after individuals consume them. Another proper approach is how chunk foods are causing health disorders specifically for Asian countries considering the conservative nature of individuals inhabiting these countries.

The presence of obese children in these countries would provide a basis for laying an argument which would in turn spur reactions from different people. China for instance has individuals who are physically fit as a result of the physique practices that one undergoes when growing up. Having an obese in china sounds strange and attributing that to chunk food would mean there is problem with the chunk food spread all over the world. A more specific approach by Bordo would take a supportive destination as interest groups share the same idea.