Sample English Essay Paper on Application for Job

Question 1

What distinguishes me from other applicants are my knowledge-based skills that would be of importance to the job. Through experience and education, I have managed to learn a number of knowledge-based skills including languages (English, Italian, and Spanish), computer programs, training, writing, management, leadership, sales and coaching. I also believe that my transferable skills could give me an edge over other applicants. These are some of the skills that I can take with me when moving from one point to another. My transferable skills include communication, negotiation, organizing, planning, time management, listening, decision making, and leadership skills (Martin). Moreover, I possess a range of personal skills including flexibility, integrity, dependability, decisiveness, reliability, calmness, patience, good attitude, and adaptability.

Question 2

From my view, the glass is half full. I am optimistic person who always sees things from a positive rather than negative point of view. The fact that the glass is half full means that are several opportunities that will be available for me in my new job. I also believe that with this view, I am likely to take actions that will produce positive results thus benefiting me as an individual and the organization at large (Ebolamonkey). With the optimistic view of the glass as half full, I will be motivated to set my intentions, do something out of my comfort zone, reframe problems into opportunities, and avoid experiences that could only act as drainers.

Question 3

Most of the things I learned in school that are significant to me were not really academic but life-related. They were about my relationships with people including social skills, self-worth, respect for others, and the need to realize my own potential. I took part in sports and other physical activities from which I learned about winning and losing. Another special thing I learned in school was the need for accepting and responding to feedback. Often, I received feedback from my professors and peers (both positive and negative) and accepting whatever feedback received greatly helped to enhance my growth as an individual. I always found it challenging to present my tasks to my peers and have them give their opinions about them. However, I came to realize that both the positive and negative comments I received from them were aimed at helping me to become more effective and capable than I was at the time. The experience of exchanging tasks with my peers also taught me how important it is to critique others using positive language that focuses on improving quality and the need to avoid being overly critical of other people’s efforts. These experiences are of significance to me as they have helped my growth as an individual, and this has prepared me for every experience in life. It has prepared me for every kind of criticism and that I have to accept criticism to grow in whatever position I am at work or any other context.

Question 4

Universities have specific requirements when it comes to allowing learners to graduate in their majors. One of these requirements is that all required courses must be completed to pave way for graduation in a major. In the event I discover that I lack a required course in P.E. to satisfy my university’s graduation requirement, I will have to book an appointment with my professor for the course. I will engage and inform him or her about my predicament and how completing the P.E. course would not only pave way for my graduation but also open several opportunities for me in the job market. I will request to register for the course and attend part-time classes. I will also request him to schedule and allow me to sit for the necessary examinations. This could help me to graduate in time and allow me to be accepted into graduate school.

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