Sample English Essay Paper on Antiheroes

  1. Wilson Fisk in “DareDevil”

Wilson Fisk is referred to in this series as the Kingpin whose name is never to be mentioned. He is a villain and a savior at the same time. He destroys peoples’ lives and is still convinced that he is improving the image of New York City. Fisk has acquired riches from the underground drug and weapons businesses in the city and is intent on improving the infrastructure of Hell’s Kitchen, a section of the city. The only person in his way is a vigilante called the Dare Devil. Wilson is very corrupt, and has the police and other government organs in his payroll. He is irritable and calm at the same time, which makes him very unpredictable. Despite the flaws in him, one cannot help but admire him for having succeeded to become influential after having a troublesome childhood. He makes the series worth it, and one can learn lessons from him.

  • Arya Stark in “Game of Thrones”

Arya Stark is introduced in the first season of this series as an innocent young girl having tomboy behaviors. For example, she is better at archery than her younger brothers. Her father is an influential figure in the kingdom. The execution of the father by a new king marks the transformation of this girl into a killer. Many injustices are visited on the Stark family and Arya vows to avenge all of them by killing the persons that murdered her family. She begins killing people by directing the faceless man. Afterwards, she becomes a faceless person herself capable of impersonating anyone, even persons of a different gender. A significant event is when she kills the sons of Lord Walder Frey and cooks them into a pie that is served to the father. She then proceeds to poison all the male members of Frey house, essentially ending the lineage of that house. Despite all of these actions she remains a darling to the viewers, as she is quenching their thirst for revenge.

  • Frank Gallagher in “Shameless”

Frank is a father of seven children. He is an alcoholic and a very irresponsible father. His speech is full of wisdom nuggets that he uses to justify his bad habits. For example, when challenged about not providing for the children, he claims that ‘neglect fosters self-reliance.’ He is also into drugs and is a very poor spender of money. For example, he gets compensation of more than $120,000 from the city for having an accident on the sidewalk and blows all the money in a single night of partying with people that he hardly knows. His children have to hide money in the house lest he takes it and uses it for drugs and alcohol. He does not bother instilling discipline in his children and they hate him for embarrassing them in their neighborhood. He is a pathological liar and will do anything to get cash for drugs. This series is majorly about his adventures and how his neglect has impacted the family. Given the behavior of Frank and the poverty facing the family, he is an exciting character full of funny quotes that leave the viewer tickled. 

  • Ragna Lothbrok in “Vikings”

Ragna is an ambitious Viking warrior whom despite murdering innocent people one cannot help but like him. He is a mutinous character that goes to explore unknown lands even after being forbidden by his master. In the Saxon foreign lands, Ragna and his band slaughter innocent people inclusive of monks, women and children. After looting, they set the villages and cities on fire (Partner par 12). This senseless killing would be frowned on in the real world but Ragna has a way of charming the viewers such that he remains their favorite. Ragna is unfaithful to his wife and does not apologize for it. Instead, he tries to convince her to allow him to take another wife. Ragna does not mind killing people that pose no threat towards him. He seems to love the sight of blood, and the viewers join him in that relish.

  • King Ecbert in “Vikings”

Ecbert is the king of Wessex in the show “Vikings.” He is a conniving leader capable of making the people believe he has their best interests only to betray them afterward. He has the intelligence to talk himself out of a confrontation with the Northmen and even offers them land. He then retracts the agreement with the Vikings and slaughters all the settlers. He is a man involved in incest, sleeping with his daughter in law with no apologies. He plans way ahead and teaches the illegitimate son of his son’s wife the qualities of leadership with the intention of controlling all the kingdoms of England in the future.

  • Gus Fring in “Breaking Bad”

Gus is one of the darkest characters in “Breaking Bad,” yet one cannot help but admire his level of discretion in managing a vast drug empire in the south right under the nose of the DEA. He has a chain of restaurants called Los Pollos Hermanos and an industrial laundry plant called Lavanderia Brillante that he uses as fronts for his methamphetamine business. Gus is a profoundly Machiavellian person that gets things done with minimal personal effort. He is a master of disguise, a very respected member of the community making large donations to the DEA to help in the control of drugs trade. Beneath the calm exterior exhibited by Gus is a ruthless man that has killed his enemies personally. He is a very dangerous person, yet his calmness and gentle outlook make him lovable to those around him.

  • Derek Hale in “Teen Wolf”

Derek Hale is a character of contrasts in “Teen Wolf.” He is a villain in some instances and a hero in others. In the first season of the show, Derek is angry all the time, this is because of the unhappy events that have happened in his life and being born a werewolf does not make it any better. His family is killed in a fire, and he is out to seek vengeance for the killers of his family. He gets into many conflicts along the way and ends up killing some and helping save others. In some scenes, Derek inspires fear and in others comfort. He is a person likable only on the screen, but a total creep if he were to exist in real life.

  • Frank Castle in “Punisher”

Frank Castle is out to punish the people that contributed to the murder of his family. Anybody trying to stop him becomes a target, and Frank has no problem killing. He is a fugitive having escaped from prison and is wanted for multiple murders. Still, one cannot help but sympathize with him. He lost his family just when he thought that his tenure in combat had come to an end. The people behind the killing of his wife and two children have connections in the government making them hard to track and kill. Frank later comes to realize his closest friends in the military were also involved in the murder of his family making him more of a hero than a criminal.

  • Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington in “The Blacklist”

Reddington is a former American spy, a fugitive and is wanted by the government for espionage crimes. He surrenders to the FBI and makes a deal with them to assist in the capturing of other high-profile criminals in exchange for his freedom. He has the names of these criminals in what he refers to as “The Blacklist.” One would think that Reddington has abandoned his old criminal ways after making a deal with the government agency. However, he continues with his old ways of taking advantage of other people and has something to gain each time a high-profile criminal is apprehended (Schneider par 6). He demands to work with Elizabeth Keen, an agent in the FBI who also happens to be his daughter. He has advanced skills in manipulating other people and has no problem killing people who cross him. His charming attitude is what endears the viewers to him.

  1. Roman Briggs in “Blindspot”

Roman is an embodiment of extreme intelligence, Machiavellianism, sadism and connections. He can take over the identity of other people and is very unforgiving of his sister, Jane. Roman is a former member of a terrorist organization that was called Sandstorm. He is a very skilled fighter and very good at acquiring classified information. He is always a step ahead of his opponents and either kill or double crosses them before they even realize what is happening. He passively helps in the apprehending of criminals and arresting of disasters before they take place. This aspect of his character makes him win the hearts of the viewers.

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