Sample English Essay Paper on America Really was that Great (But That Doesn’t Mean We Are Now)

America Really Was That Great (But That Doesn’t Mean We Are Now)

In their article: America Really Was That Great (But That Doesn’t Mean We Are Now), Friedman & Mandelbaum focus on the power of America and the way the country has failed to utilize its power to plan for the future (2011). Since the end of the Cold War, America has played a crucial role in sustaining other countries. It has provided market for exports, which has enabled the rapid growth of the Asian economy, its Navy safeguards the waters that provide trade routes of the world, and its military forces in East Asia and Europe ensure maximum security in the regions (Friedman & Mandelbaum, 2011). Such roles have spawned great benefits including a vibrant economy and national unity in the world. However, despite these powerful roles, the authors argue that the country is not exceptional.

America needs to demonstrate its prowess in adapting to challenges of globalization and the revolution in IT, manage the country’s swelling deficits, and improve energy consumption patterns (Friedman & Mandelbaum, 2011). The American educational system is lagging because it does not prepare students for the globalized economy. America has the potential to meet these major challenges due to the outstanding infrastructure, an open economy, friendly immigration policies, wide body of government-funded research, and most dynamic schools among others. However, American leaders have prioritized their interests over the country’s.  America needs effective political, moral, and economic leadership to guide it back to its greatness.


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