Sample English Essay Paper on Adulthood vs Childhood

Adult vs Childhood


            Adulthood is a stage in life whereby a person becomes physically and emotionally mature; adulthood includes three stages, that is early age, middle age, and old age. Early age starts at 20 years, middle age at 49 years, while old age begins at 60 years. Childhood is the age from birth to adolescence; it is a crucial stage of human development as childhood plays a fundamental role in adulthood. There are many differences between childhood and adulthood, differences in terms of independence, responsibility, knowledge freedom, skills, parenthood, and identity. There are many differences between childhood and adulthood, but everyone is an individual with their experiences of being a child and becoming an adult.

Rhetorical Analysis

It is essential to compare and contrast between adulthood and childhood because through comparison we can know the role of the human being as a child and as an adult. Comparing adulthood and childhood plays a vital role in the world as people can learn how to handle both groups of people and through this, the rights of children are secured.

            My audience is human rights groups; this group of people will be interested and benefit from this paper because it gives them more knowledge on how to handle both children and adults. This essay will enrich the reader’s life; the reader will understand the roles of both children and adults in society and their importance. Additionally, childhood has a more significant impact on adulthood. New ideas such as the role of children in society and the rights of children will arise, and I will use them to elaborate to people the importance of having both adults and children in society.

The outline

            Question I.

Adulthood are more independent than childhood.

(A) During adulthood, individuals are more independence and can make their choices like what job they will do or where we want to live.

 (B)On the other hand, children live according to their parent’s rules, school rules as well as community-based rules. Children’s movements and what they do is always monitored thus making childhood less independent.

(C) A child has to consult an adult before making their decisions or doing something and this makes the children dependent, unlike adults who do not need to consult when making their decisions.

Question II childhood has less responsibilities compared to adulthood.

            (A)The children believe that the people around them are taking care of their needs and thus there is no need to care. Adulthood comes with responsibilities as adults have to cater to children. Adults have to ensure that their children are healthy both physically and emotionally. When a child is sick it is the responsibility of an adult especially the family to ensure her wellness by taking a child to the doctor.

(B)Adults have moral accountability; if an adult makes a mistake they are held responsible for it thus they live a cautious life full of responsibilities. This makes adults to be cautious at what they do to ensure that their children are not negatively affected.

(C) Adulthood comes with responsibilities unlike childhood; for example when a child is born is under the care of the parents but when one reaches adulthood all the privileges are withdrawn and one has to start caring for her/his self.

Question III Adulthood comes with parenthood and this adds more responsibility to adults.

  • When one becomes an adulthood they think of starting a family and this brings up parenthood. Children look up to their parents for love, guidance, and counseling, the experiences of childhood determines what kind of parents the children’s will become in the future. Nonetheless, children consider adults as their role models when they become mature; therefore, it is the responsibility of the adults to be role models as this will determine what their children’s will become.
  • Parents should be loving, caring, and responsible as this sets a good example to their children to follow. Parenthood should be responsible enough and ensure that their children does not lack any basic needs and also ensure that their kids are physically and emotionally fit.
  • Lastly, parenthood comes with maturity and makes adults work harder as they have to cater for needs of their kids. When one becomes a parent it means more responsibility thus adults works harder unlike children who do not see the need to work harder as their needs are well taken care of.


            Adulthood means being mature emotionally and physically, adulthood comes with responsibilities, unlike childhood. Since children are monitored and taken care of they fell free and careless; childhood is the early stage of human development and what a child perceives at an early age affects their life thus parents should be responsible and take good care of their children to ensure that they grow with a positive mind.