Sample English Essay on Worst Day of my Life

Worst Day of my Life

            Friday nights are always full of adventure, and young people such as myself always seek to explore new places they have never visited. It was a normal occurrence that on such nights, friend would group and go out together, visiting every entertainment joint in town. The night before was not an exception, my friends and I left home early because unlike other Fridays, this was going to be short as we had to come back earlier than usual, because of the family get-together party which was to happen on the following day.

            After sampling every joint, we decided to go back home so that we could wake up early and do what was expected of us. On my part, I knew I had to wake up early so that I could go and buy the things I had planned to give to my cousins as presents. This was not to be as I woke up later than I had wanted; after a hurried shower and breakfast, I took my bike and headed to the nearest gift shop.

            I picked everything that I knew would please my two cousins, and then headed straight to the counter to pay. That is when the day’s problem started as I reached for the pocket to get my credit card, it was not there. This surprised me since I had been playing with it as I did the shopping; if it got lost, then somebody had taken it from my pocket as I waited to be served at the counter. I explained this to the shop attendant who understood me and advised me to report the matter to the nearest police station.

            The officer on duty understood enough and promised me that he would make necessary arrangements to ensure that my card is not used anywhere. Understandably I had to go back home with my credit card and the gifts. This remained stable until I log into my email address and met the reality of the day. The inbox had confirmation transactions that had been undertaken using my credit card. The amounts were huge and I knew immediately this meant trouble with my parents and maybe with the authorities as one of the transaction involved a transaction of illegal weapon. It was like the thief had done everything before I had even reached the police station.

            To cap the problem, I heard the sound of a Police siren headed towards my house. I had told my parents about this and it made it easier as they helped me in trying to prove my innocence to the special agents who had traced the transactions o my credit card. The police officer on duty at the police post confirmed to the agents that I had reported the matter to them earlier. The special agents took me with them for further questioning but later released me upon realizing that I had told them the truth and that the mistake was not mine.

            This turn of event on the day that everyone had waited for was so overwhelming on my side. The money that the thief used to carry out various transactions was my yearlong saving. I had saved this money to start my own cybercafé and a printing business. At times, I had to deny myself to save for my future only to have it all gone in less than two hours. I had planned well for the money and for the family get together, but this turned out to be the worst day of my life.