Sample English Essay on Reflection on Paper

Sample English Essay on Reflection on Paper

What the writer does well is refuting the argument that the richest 1% of Americans is overpaid. In the second paragraph, the writer postulates that the 1% worked hard for their money, and this means that they deserve what they get.

Despite the inclusion of a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph, it is long and cannot be understood easily by a reader. Seemingly, the paper’s thesis statement is highlighted in the line “is there something to do to reduce the gap between the 99% and the 1%.” The writer needs to shorten and make the thesis statement clearer than it is for it to be understood by a reader.

The writer’s ideas in the second paragraph regarding the underpayment of the 99% should be developed more, and this should see a detailed explanation given to underscore the argument that the 99% are not paid enough.

Towards the end of the paper, the writer argues that in Europe, education is free, a fact which can be doubted. In this case, the writer should paraphrase and quote more to enhance the validity of the fact.

The paper can be better organized by including an accurate thesis statement. Moreover, it is imperative for the writer to paragraph the work because as it is, it is hard for a reader to distinguish one point from another.

The writer can delete the statement that people should pay 25% or the same amount of taxes regardless of what they earn.  From an economic perspective, this is not right as the poor will be treated equally to the rich, and if need be, the taxes imposed on the poor should be less as compared to those imposed on the wealthy.

Evidently the writer rallies critical thinking at the beginning of the second paragraph where he disagrees with the argument that the super rich are overpaid.  The writer argues that the rich individuals such as Steve Jobs worked hard for their money, and thus, are not overpaid.

To improve the paper, the writer should use paragraphs to make it understandable to the reader and should include more quotes to support the facts or arguments contained in the paper, particularly towards the end of the paper.