Sample English Essay on Basic Skills in sizing up situations

Basic Skills in sizing up situations

Who: Tom James

Where: Liberty Mutual Insurance company, 175 Berkeley Street, Boston

When:  Friday, September 18th at approximately 3pm

What:  I had just bought my first car BMW 535d and I wanted to get an appropriate insurance cover that would meet all the basic insurance requirements. Given the fact that I knew nothing about cars, I decided to Liberty Mutual, majorly because of their unmatched reputation in the motor insurance industry. This is when I met Tom James, a customer service officer at the Boston headquarter.

Why: The benefits of having good car insurance are huge and that is the reason why I decided to seek their professional help from the professionals in the industry. I knew that insurance would allow me to pay little premiums, which would save me from paying huge amount at once in future. In case of accidents, insurance cover would help me save time, as experts would be ready to help me solve the issue at hand. The fact that mind would be more at peace and that I can easy supplement my car insurance with my existing health insurance were just some of the issues that pushed me further to seek insurance advice and cover form Liberty mutual.

How: From the bench where I sat, I could see three customer service attendants, but something attracted me to approach Tom, even though he was furthest from me. His dressing code had an effect on his work environment; the 3-piece suit was clean and sharp. When he saw me approaching, he raised his head towards my direction and gave me a warm smile. I felt I needed that especially in the midst of so many people having serious faces. When he spoke, his voice was re-assuring and full of confidence. He was clear, knowledgeable and above all articulate in a manner that I understood everything clearly and applied for my car insurance cover. When he had explain everything, he offered me his card to call him in case of any problem, I left his desk knowing very well that I would not be able to call again since I would be glad to come back again and let him explain the solution one on one.