Sample English Coursework Paper on ABC Organization

My Understanding of the Concept “Growing their own People”

My understanding of Growing their own People” is that ABC organization nurtures its employees. It gives them a platform to develop their skills to the best of their abilities in order to achieve success. At ABC, leaders take an active role in building up talent. Genuine interest is shown to the employees in their training and management. Time is invested by the organization in understanding employees at a fundamental level thereby creating and sustaining a suitable climate for greater morale, loyalty, and growth. Employees feel part of the organization. According toJohn Shipit, one of the managers at the organization, “Training, developing, and empowering your people gives you the freedom and the confidence to make changes quickly, affect your business positively, and achieve results.” Employees at ABC organization are groomed for success.

Challenge faced by ABC

One challenge currently facing ABC is changing the attitude and perception of line managers from ‘my job is getting parcels out’ to ‘my job is to develop my staff to do their jobs better.’ Line managers should take more responsibility in motivating and developing their staff to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. This can be done by actively encouraging personal and professional development of employees by helping them continuously improve their skills and knowledge through learning. Additionally, providing the appropriate training to every employee is hard. Not all employees acquire the necessary training to perform their designated duties due to the diversity of jobs in the organization ranging from drivers to line managers to loading bay operators.

How Training and Development is Promoted at ABC

In order to engage as numerous employees as possible, the organization has set up the people development charter, whereby employees are equipped with skills through training. This, in turn, has enabled better delegation of duties, succession planning, and reduction of staff turnover.

How Training Interventions are Supported at ABC

The ABC organization supports its training by giving employees the platform to develop. ABC believes in growing their own people and promoting staff from within the company. All managers at ABC lead by example in developing people. They work to build a company culture whereby learning is encouraged and supported.

Why ABC is Successful in their Training and Learning Interventions

Each employee at ABC has a role to play in developing talent. The organization believes that individual learning is critical to business success rather than directive training. The training involves assessing needs, designing and developing appropriate training regimes, and implementing them. Evaluation is then done to determine the success of the program. The man management system has also boosted the success of ABC’s training and learning interventions. Certainly, there is room for improvement. The organization can send employees on field excursions which would help in bonding and team building. Additionally, ABC can send its employees on attachment programs so that they can gain more skill by learning in competitive business environments.

How Training Officers Contribute to the Training and Learning Intervention at ABC

Training officers are vital to the success of the intervention programs at ABC. The officers are counted on to deliver the promises of the organization to the other employees such as monitoring support managers, conducing training programs, and  reviewing and ensuring targets are met. They keep employees on their toes thereby ensuring employees are up to speed with the organization’s goals. This improves their skills and prepares them for promotions. They equip employees with the necessary tools and skills which contribute to improving the production levels and efficiency of the organization. The officers conduct orientation sessions and arrange training programs for new employees. Using people management skills, training officers offer support and encourage managers. They also assess and report how the managers performed against their targeted goal.

Approaches used to Measure Performance

Employers can use different strategies to measure the performance of their employees. Individuals can be ranked from the highest to the lowest achiever using the comparative approach strategy. This ensures top performers are rewarded either through increasing their salary or promoting them to higher positions. The quality approach is another strategy which can be used to rate performance. This approach focuses on improving customer satisfaction by cutting out errors and achieving continuous service growth. Alternatively, employers can use the attribute approach strategy to measure performance whereby employees are rated based on their ability to solve problems, teamwork, communication, judgment, and creativity. In addition, employers can either employ the behavioral approach or result approach to rate performance with the latter done on the basis of employee performance results. For accuracy and reliability, more strategies should be used to measure performance so as to improve the quality of results.

What I will do as CEO of ABC to ensure Training is Supported

As CEO of ABC, I would create a suitable environment where the managers are aware of their roles. I will ensure the managers grow into their roles by cooperating with them in developing team members. Motivating the employees through group activities will also uplift the general attitude within the organization, which, in turn, will improve performance levels.

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