Sample English Argumentative Essay Paper on Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui refers to the Chinese ancient science and art, which was invented thousands of years ago. Feng Shui is a complex set of knowledge that strives to show how humans can create a balance with the energy from the available space to attain good fortune and health for the people who inhabit the space. The term Feng refers to wind (Mak and Albert 2).while Shui refers to water. In ancient Chinese, water and wind were and still are symbols of good health. Chinese therefore refer to bad luck as bad Feng Shui and good luck as the good Feng Shui.

The Chinese believe that land holds some form of energy, which are strong enough to either make a kingdom fail or succeed. Feng Shui incorporates the theory of yin yang as some of its basic elements. Fei Shui designs used in rooms and homes is known to improve lives of people (Rossbach 35). The design offers many ways in which human beings can improve their lives. The ways are so verse from the use of aquariums to act as attraction of prosperity to the use of clocks. It is a common occurrence to find Fei Shui used in many homes and even office in all parts of the world.

If a person wants to benefit from the principle of Feng Shui, it is advisable that before such a person engages in designing their offices and their homes, they find their Feng Shui kua numbers and their direction for the various aspects. These aspects include the need for personal growth, success and money, love and health (Mainini 15). The principle of Feng Shui argues that how things are placed or arranged in the environment affects level of comfort, mental and physical health of a person. These arrangements influence flow of energy in the surrounding. The interaction between the energy flow and the objects within the environment.

This flow of energy affects a person’s thoughts and actions and in turn influences performance and success in professional and personal life (Mak and Albert 2). Many people use Feng Shui octagon, a colored object that has aspects of life, for example, family, love, career, money etc. The tool is used to map the energy flow within homes and enable people to figure out which direction to face in order to achieve various objects around the life areas. octagon.jpg

Different colours can be used to help complement the impacts of proper arrangement. When one paints his or her wall with a yellow color, he would be attracting good health in their homes. Healthy green plants can be positioned in the living rooms to attract and create strong family bonds. By using colours, people are able to improve on their lives (Rossbach 40). Resaerch points out that the use of colours is one of the easiest and most effective methods of shifting the energy in our homes to work in our favor. According to Feng Shui, finding right color for the rooms may be easy but for it to work well might take some time. The good Feng Shui would depend on the quality of light and the colors of the surrounding.


The theory of Feng Shui therefore emphasizes that in life, everything is connected to our happiness, family, financial success, and health. The use of Feng Shui give people control over their destiny .If one want to enhance various life areas, for example career, he or she would look go for black or blue furniture.

Mistakes of Feng Shui

There are some actions, which work against us without us knowing, these actions may contribute to people having bad Feng Shui. This paper discusses some of them and how avoids or solve them. The first mistake is the idea of placing bed against a wall or in a corner. Experts say that this interferes with the flow of energy needed for proper rejuvenation (Alexander). Another mistake is having dark hallways in our places or residence or work. The entrance to places where we spend most of our time need to be bright, because this would contribute towards creating good experiences in our lives.

Watching television in bedroom is another bad Feng Shui practice because it causes strain in relationships when one partner is too occupied with the television set that he or she neglects the other partner. Television should not be allowed to take time meant for bonding relationships. This is a known fact even outside Feng shui, therefore Feng Shui works best by ensuring that it is avoided and in doing so, improve people’s health and improve their overall lives.

Another mistake is leaving plumbing issues un- no matter how small it may be.  A small plumbing issue in the drainage system causes a negative impact on a person’s personal and professional growth. Two mirrors facing one another in a living room is another Feng Shui mistake that would lead to stagnation in a person’s life (Alexander). The two mirrors would cause the energies to bounce between them instead of flowing freely in the room.

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