Sample Engineering Paper on Major goals of the NYREV

Energy Vision

Major goals of the NYREV

            The NYREV (New York State ‘Reforming the Energy Vision’) initiative is a closely monitored project designed to practically re-architect the grid in light of emerging opportunities presented by the current technology advancement and possible threats posed by frequent extreme weather eventualities, aging infrastructure, greenhouse-gas-driven climatic change, security risks and economic inequality. The goals of NY REV are promoting energy efficiency, greater utilization of renewable sources, grid security, and resilience, and wider deployment of distributed energy resources.

Description of the DSP and how it will interact with incumbent entities

            DSP is an intelligent network platform created to provide reliable, safe, and efficient electric service through integration of diverse resources to handle evolving need of customers and the society at large. It fosters wide market activity that involves monetarization of system and social value, through third party and customer engagement that is connected with the wholesale market and bulk power production.

            The key function of the DSP is to ensure proactive management and optimization of operations, planning and DER markets at the level of distribution in order to achieve safe and reliable distribution. The DSP will enable engagement by DER service providers in a better transparent-based environment. It will create a flexible platform for new energy service and products. The DSP works out through integrating new market operation functions with both advanced smart grid capabilities.

            Under the NYREV, the DSP is expected to facilitate appropriate retail interactions with the wholesale market, together with operation of retail DER markets. DSP will act as an independent entity and a marketing platform for sellers and buyers of DER. It will procure and provide vital services to support use of DER, such as communication, information, dispatch and interconnection services. In order to ensure its independence, the utilities concerned will not be allowed to own DER resources except under very limited circumstance.

Implementation of the DSP and roadmap

            The DSP road map is comprised of several stages that will enable the realization its goals. The first stage is the planning period, which will involve the first 5 years of development and implementation. In the calendar, it is expected to commence in 2016 and end in 2021. The phase one of the implementation and development will include demonstration project and investment long with foundation planning in order to create DSP capacities and functionalities that will ensure vibrant market for private investment and customer engagement in the DER market.

            Phase 2, which will take 3 to 5 years, is expected to reflect the growth of the DSP market. This will involve progressive development of DSP capabilities to foster economic DER growth and the increasing integration of DER into DSP planning aspects and operations. Also, it will involve statewide transmission and bulk power system operation and planning. Evolution of planning practice will be expected at this stage.

            Stage 2 will be a monitoring and assessment stage. In this stage, projects of stage 1 will be assessed to determine their progress against DSIP installation forecasts. This stage will provide DSPs and policy makers an opportunity to reassess and recalibrate strategies in order to ensure progressive cost-effective technology deployment.

Impacts NYREV will /may have to Con Edison

            NYSREV will significantly boost Con Edison objectives in working towards ensuring best services to their customers. The intention of the project is to utilize the available opportunities in order to build strong, reliable, safer, and cleaner grid. The redesigning of the grid under NY REV plans will carry benefits to consumers and utilities in various aspect which includes: Increased customers participation and engagement in their own energy consumption, better grid resilience through carefully-managed integration of distribution energy resources, potential elimination of power shortages as a result of better power storage (backup power), control of energy utilization through smart home systems, and better billing management. NYREV intends to bring transformation to the utility industry through approach of Distribution System Platform (DSP) model.