Sample Engineering Essay Paper on Engineering Roles

Engineering Roles

The roles of engineers are to design projects, solve engineering problems, develop new ways and technological solutions, apply engineering analysis when ascertaining failures in machines, and conduct research for specialized engineering work and management. Others are to contribute to the development of engineering theories, apply the code of ethics when serving customers, public or organization and machine design (Management 44)[1]. Each role here is guided by principles adopted by the engineering board to ensure that members conduct themselves in a professional manner.

One of the roles I am interested in is designing projects in computer engineering systems.  This role involves the process of coming up with new designs and structure for computer especially the systems (Slivker 34)[2]. The most amazing thing in the engineering world is the manner in which engineers develops small computers that have high performance speed. Computers have enabled people solve problems in the business world as well as individual world. In addition, the role incorporates the work of designing cables and peripheral devices that connect and operate together with the computer (Sommerville 23)[3]. Computer networking is also featured in this field. Accuracy in doing the work is not an option for practitioners because these devices must perform to the level of customer expectation. In the event a fault is detected, the whole process is deemed to start again.  I would like to design complex computers that will perform a variety of task for companies (Coyne and Davis 36)[4]. This is because the current devices in place present challenges in term of processing speed and breakdown.  In conclusion, engineering is a professional field that is not only influential to humanity but also makes work easier, thus offering solutions to technical challenges (Adams, Turns, and Atman 130)[5].

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