Sample Engineering Essay Paper on Definitions



Control refers to a particular standard used to verify results of an experimental process mostly in a trial process testing the effectiveness of a new machine, for example a new technological application.     

Control Loop

Control loop describes a process that can be controlled with specific sensors that can measure the conditions of the process.    


DAC (Digital-to-Analog-Converter) refers to a type of convert that is mostly used in connecting a computer through the USB port for a variety of purposes. In essence, DAC is responsible for the conversion of digital audio signals from the computers to analog mostly for the speakers.      


Stability in Engineering describes the ability of a system or substance to remain unaffected under stated or practically expected conditions of storage and usage. The inherent ability to withstand stress, shock or even changes in temperature conditions among other factors entails stability.      

Pneumatic Signals

These refers to such signals that are in most cases ranges between 3-15 pounds per square inch and are common in fiber optic systems. Most electronic signals are characteristically converted to pneumatic signals that are commonly used in operating control valves and elements.      


Transients refers to such devices that are used in controlling instantaneous changes in a state of energy (for instance lightening) that may also lead to energy bursts.    


Refers to a device used in reducing excess oscillation, vibrations, or an intensified signal strength in the process creating stability in electronic devices.     

Analog Control

Also referred to as a controller stick, analog control is an equipment commonly used in a two-dimensional input processes.   

Digital Control

Refers to a control theory mostly used in computers and acts to control such systems and can assume the form of a microcontroller. 

Essential Elements

This refers to explicitly defined processes and procedures used in controlling and in the management of electrical devices.   


This refers to a category of motor accountable for the movement and regulation of a process or a system. An actuator is in most instances under the operation of a specified energy source (most electric current) and is capable of controlling that particular energy in motion.  


The Digital Command Control (DCC) describes a standard system of operation in electronic panels and can be controlled independently.

Set point

That particular temperature at which a controller is set to take control of a specific system or process is referred to as a set point. The internal regulatory system that is crucial in maintaining relatively stable conditions irrespective of the external environment all describes the set point theory.     

Cyclic Response

Cyclic response refers to a long-term memory development processes that encompasses the application of certain protein elements leading to an ultimate reduction in skin frictions.