Sample Engineering Essay on Expansion of New Texas Bakery Company

A memorandum

To: The Head of Engineering

From: Technical Evaluator

Date: October 3, 2015.

Subject: Expansion of New Texas Bakery Company

Due to increased demand for baked products from New Texas Bakery Company, the management has embarked on a mission to expand its production capacity. Proper evaluation of the market, financial capability and marketing logistics should be done to enhance an effective expansion at a low cost. The evaluation should be in a manner that it targets the mechanisms to be put in place to help realisation of the desired goals. Keeping in mind that the expansion is urgent to enable full benefit from this high demand, the program should not be delayed much. In situation the expansion is not done, there is a risk of customers opting for subsidies and this may negatively affect the market base the Company enjoys. The sight where the expansion is to be set should meet some basic fundamental requirements like cheap availability of labour and easy access to market among others. Economic scale will consequently be realised due to this expansion as a result of lower cost per unit scale.

The reason for carrying out this evaluation study is to minimise cost of expansion and exploit the demand by targeting a wider market (Blanchard 85-86). It is also to ensure that the views of customers or consumers are put into consideration to either upgrade the products or maintain the current trend. The importance of this evaluation is also to ensure that the intended purpose is met and avoid addressing unnecessary objectives which may in turn lead to losses and more so missing to meet the expectations of the consumers. The approach used will basically be a one on one interview with several stakeholders of the company. The bakery’s owner will be in a position to shed more light on to which extent he wishes his business should expand. This will enable one to know how far they are willing to spend for the expansion to be realised. Bakers’ views will also be sought so as to examine whether new ways which probably would ease baking process can be infused.

After examining all these factors, several fundamental questions should be answered. The question of the primary purpose to be achieved should be addressed. This means that in mechanisms should be put in place to ensure that necessary efforts are integrated to meet the primary purpose. This reduces the likelihood of diverting the energy and resources to other tasks which were not intended. The question of when the project or expansion must be concluded should also be addressed (Blanchard 85-86). This is to ensure extra cost is not incurred and hence the proposal would highlight the time frame which would be followed in the expansion process. The issue or question of what is expected from the system should be answered to enhance successful expansion with tangible results.  With the knowledge in mind of what one expects at the end of the expansion process, every mechanism applied would be set in such a manner that it gives the optimum performance. This will ensure that every task will be assigned the best performing or efficient tool with little expenditure.  The question of which mechanisms must be put in place to completely cover the rise in demand in future should be explored. There should be measures which ought to be employed most probably to be reviewed for future expansions to make sure in situations where there is fluctuation in demands, adjusting would be easy.  All these measures would be addressed in the proposal for the expansion of the industry.  

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