Sample Engineering Article Review Paper on A Tutorial on the Planning of Experiments

A Tutorial on the Planning of Experiments

            An experiment that is appropriately planned requires right application of tools, project and people management, team facilitation, statistical understanding, as well as scientific expertise on the subject matter. Scientific method is described as one of the technique used in experimental sciences. The method provides a clear knowledge of the subject matter, analyzes systems, data and provides an orderly learning experience. Similarly, flow charts are used in scheming and analyzing experiments (Freeman et al). Firstly, there is problem definition where there is identification of the questions to be solved by the experiment plus the objectives to be achieved. Secondly, there is selection of response variables where a protocol is set, stating data collection process will be undertaken .Thirdly, there is identification of variation sources. This step involves determination of factors that can cause numerical differences between the data collected. Choosing the experimental design is another step critical when planning an experiment. It includes developing a plan for the experiment, which is thereafter, is examined as to whether it is consistent with the experiment resources. Training the experimenter and data analyses and recommendations based on the experimental conclusions are the final steps that are necessary when planning an experiment (Freeman et al).

            However, there are nuisance factors, referred to as blocking or noise factors that can be a cause of a variation in an experiment. Such factors cannot be controlled, especially due to the constraints in the practical setup (Coleman and Montgomery).Therefore, reducing the impact of a nuisance factor depends on its nature; whether it is controllable or uncontrollable. Careful predesigned planning of experiments helps in achieving set objectives and solving the problems defined at the beginning of the practical.

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