Sample Education Research Paper on Peer Assesment in Elementary Classrooms

Peer assessment in elementary classrooms; a formative assessment tool to support summative assessments.


  • Definition & characteristics of peer assessment
  • Students’ skills related to peer assessment.
  • Advantages of peer assessment
  • Disadvantages/challenges of peer assessment
  • Examples of peer assessment in the classroom/ How to incorporate peer assessment in an elementary classroom.



Annotated Bibliography & Final Research Paper or Project Proposal (40%: Annotated Bibliography 15%, Final Paper / Project proposal 25%). Individually, write a 6-8 page proposal (double-spaced, A.P.A. style 7th Ed.), outlining either a future program evaluation project or a research project related to an assessment issues. You can choose to continue researching or designing something that you have seen during the class or started to design for previous assignments for this class. Ensure your final paper includes at least SEVEN additional relevant research articles beyond the course readings, each appropriately summarized in an annotated bibliography.