Sample Education Paper


I believe parents place a lot of emphasis on education for their children valuing it as an essential element in a developed society. However, the definition of the education term is relative as some people believe they are well-educated because they have achieved good grades or received a diploma while others emphasize on the skills they acquired from school. I believe I am well-educated if I can demonstrate skills and knowledge that are applicable in becoming cognizant of things around me, as well as impact on the lives of other people in future.

I think that being well-educated means acquiring knowledge and skills that surpasses the optimal standards set by schools and colleges. Education, therefore, is meant to enlighten people about everything round them, and provide the requisite skills that enable them to navigate and survive around the world. Presently, my primary focus in school is to achieve high grades in assignments and tests; however, I do not consider that as being well educated. I feel that good education surpasses the complexity of tests and assignments. Being well-educated is gaining the right skills and knowledge that grants people the opportunity to acquire and retain and information essential in developing opinions about the world.

Being cognizant of people and things around me and their value and impacting on the lives of the people will be the notable standards that show I have obtained an exceptional education. I will have received superior education if I am forward-looking and cognizant of how my actions impact on others in the society. Accordingly, I believe I will demonstrate good education if I will enhance the lives of current and future generations using knowledge gained in school.

The definition of education varies from one person to another. Some believe that they are well-educated if they can display good grades achieved in school and received a diploma. I believe being educated embodies the acquisition of skills and applicable knowledge utilized in transforming the world and positively impacting on the life of people.